Pediatric research and screen time!

Researches have found that kids whose parents set screen time limits (TV, video, computer, etc), those children are more physically active.

The research article came out of July’s Journal of Pediatrics.  I’ll break it down into the parts I think are interesting!

  • Recommended screen time limits are less than 2 hours per day
  • Of kids 9-14, 27% exceeded recommended limits.
  • Kids whose parents had limits within the recommended guidelines were more likely to be physically active.
  • The more active kids were one week, the less screen time they used the following week.
  • 76.9% of homes with cable had more children going over the limits.
  • While almost 50% of parents said in a survey they set screen time limits, only 37% of those kids said there were limits in their home.  LOL!

We are not a family that eliminates screen time altogether.  My husband and I enjoy some television shows, and we both obviously use computers.  I think it’s important for kids to have rules and limits, so they will eventually self-regulate their own screen time and not become zombies as teenagers, or worse- video game addicted husbands!


We definitely have screen time rules at our house.  They get 30 minutes of video games per day. Also, they watch TV in the morning and then the TV get’s turned off at 9AM (sometimes it’s 9:30AM if I’m distracted).  I bought a small timer they set by the computer or the Wii that they set for 30 minutes when they are playing video games.  Once it beeps, they know their time is up.  Then it’s pleading of “Can I win or Die” scenario from there.


What are your screen time rules?


Update on our Japanese friends.   After an 18 mile run (my friend and I are getting ready for a marathon), they decided they wanted to hike to Timp Caves (3 miles round trip)!!   I am so sore today!

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Amy Roskelley

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Laura says:

Teenagers are much more challenging. My 13 year old son did want any part of our pool outings (with little brothers). We have no children his age in the neighborhood. With screens off it seems I become directly involved in activities. Not always possible for me and frustrating truly. I would love ideas from anyone on how they busied their teens this summer so I can plan for next summer! Football has begun and so have the 2 hour workouts for my son. YEAH!

Vennesa says:

Our limit is 30 minutes on the computer after homework and chores are done. TV during the school year is maybe 1 hour. Summer they get little more. Nothing on Sundays.

Danielle Spangler says:

I try and stick to 1 hr a day of total computer/tv/wii time divided up as Caleb wants (only one old enough to really care). It has been a little more this summer…probably closer to 2 hours total because I need QUIET ALONE time in the afternoon!!! I like the no wii until weekends thing…might have to start that one too!

My kids, during the school year get about 30 min of “screen time” be it TV, computer — no wii until the weekends. On weekends i try to limit it to 2 hours, but sometimes we watch a movie.
I seem to regulate everything but vegetables with them. 🙂

Nisha says:

Whoa! Training for a marathon?! You go girl!!! My daughter LOVES to play computer – pbskids, NickJr, etc. She is only 3 1/2 and will come straight downstairs after waking up, turn on the computer, and turn on her fav. site all by herself. I don’t even know when she wakes up sometimes. Needless to say, we need to work on screen time limits.

Kim says:

This is something that has always been a struggle for us. We are definitely not an active family, although we know we need to be. I finally set it to turning the tv off by 9 in the morning (although he starts it at 7, so that’s two hours) and he gets one hour of computer time. This was actually a big cut for us, but I’ve been feeling we need to cut it even more. I guess I’ve just been waiting for school to start to regulate it. That’s probably just me procrastinating though.

Brooke says:

I have always set TV limits for my daughter that have worked out well (1 show a day). I have tried to do the same thing for my 2 year old, but he is one of those kids that whines, cries and follows me around if he is bored. I turn the TV off once he is distracted but leave it on with the volume almost inaudible the rest of the time. For some reason this helps him to be content. He doesn’t even sit and watch it, but just to know it is on helps him to play by himself. Is this bad?

Jennifer F says:

On school days, each school child is allowed to pick one 30 minute show to watch and that is it. On Saturdays during the school year, they each pick two 30 minute shows and Sunday nothing. During the summer, it is much more fuzzy. I just want to sleep before the next one is born!

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