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Soaked Wheat

Whole Wheat Kernels

Soaking your wheat would make a perfect food if A) We were on a deserted island with nothing but water and wheat, or B) if we didn’t have taste buds.

I wanted to eat soaked wheat for breakfast.  I had a friend whose children ate it every morning.  So I boiled 2 cups of water, and added 1 cup (I only have 449 lbs of wheat left, I need to be sparing) of whole wheat.  Soaked it overnight to soften it up, and served it up for breakfast with a little honey.  Well, it was chewy, somewhat tasteless, and we decided we like oatmeal better.  But, if your on a tight budget, and taste is not important to you, it is cheaper than cereal.

Turn of events!  With the jar full of soaked wheat in my fridge, I began contemplating other uses.  It dawned on me, the entire meal does not need to be the wheat, but the wheat could be a definite healthy accent.  So I sprinkled some on my regular cereal, and wa-la!  Delicious! I think it added a tasty, chewy element to my cereal.  Other ideas for soaked, chewy wheat

  • Sprinkle it on salads.
  • Add it to a granola bar recipe,
  • Mix it with yogurt and granola.
  • Add it to dinner recipes like casseroles.
  • Add it to baked goods

Wheat adds fiber and protein, and is really quite filling.

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I do think you can! I read you should spread out on a cookie sheet and partially freeze, then put in sealable bag to return to the freezer. That way the wheat berries don’t stick together.
Good luck!