School Lunch Supplies for Healthy Lunches


As many of you know, my kids have been making their own lunches since the 1st grade.  I learned my lesson with my oldest son that they should be packing their own food as soon as he traded the ENTIRE lunch I made for him for a single piece of candy! (I believe it was a single candy corn!) ha ha..  At that moment I decided to let them decide what they were going to put in their own lunches, as long as it met my standards of course!   From that was born our required checklist.

Each lunch, I needed them to have a grain, protein, vegetable, and a fruit. I had a chart similar to this one hanging on our fridge for their reference for many years.  They would refer to it for ideas, and then make their lunch.

Lunch Making Supplies

Sandwich Cutters

sandwich cutters

Sandwich Decruster

Lunch Box Supplies

Thin Ice Packs

Silicone Muffin Cups

Thermos Insulated Jar

 Lunch Packing Supplies


Brown Paper Bags These are incredibly durable bags and come in a pack of 100 for under $10

Disposable Portion Cups 5.5 ounces


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Such great ideas. I love having my kids being involved and accountable for choices. They are empowered. And I just don’t think you can do better as a parent than to instill great life lessons early on.

Our oldest is just beginning to start enjoying more independence and making her own choices like making her own lunch decisions. Soon our youngest will be doing the same 🙂

Our oldest is just beginning to start enjoying more independence and making her own choices like making her own lunch decisions. Soon our youngest will be doing the same 🙂

We have a small garden in the backyard and I’ve notices the kids eating more veggies! We water the garden, pick fresh food every day and enjoy canning together! Its a beautiful and educational process. They’re learning that hard work pays off

My kids love to make their own lunches. Seeing as I have 6, we try to use as much environmentally friendly products as possible.

I have one daughter starting kindergarten and one starting preschool this year. I would absolutely love this stuff to help get us off on the right foot! We already eat healthy, but if I could make it fun for them I know they’d be much more willing to help and oblige 🙂

I am Sending my daughter off to school this year and
Excited / nervous . I think it’s great to have the child help and that way you know they will eat and be proud of their lunch

I so want this! I bought some reusable bags for the school year but I would love some stainless steel containers to get far away from plastic. With 3 kids, it gets expensive. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

My daughter used to love helping her daddy make his lunches for work until he passed away in 2010. Now she is in 3rd grade she is learning to eat healthier for cheerleading so doing her own lunch is a way for her to learn

My girls would love to win this! We pack healthy hearty lunches everyday and love new containers! Thanks for the chance to win!!

My kids are diabetic and the menu at school is not healthy for them. We love bringing our own healthy options

Having my kiddo in the kitchen and involved in her food has been a priority for me from the baby food making stage 🙂

Having kids make part ot all of their lunch works in my house to make sure they eat it! I have lots of fruit and veggies ready to go and healthy bread and protein.

We do good with good choices and this printable with the categories helps! They seem to fizzle out with emptying their bags when they get home, as I’m not always off work by then. I also worry about making something too delicate. I’m sure their lunches look like they’ve been through a ride in the dryer by the time they get to lunch. The other frustrating thing is sometimes, my almost 2nd grader doesn’t eat when we make. I do love all the healthy suggestions here!!

My kids like picking out the fresh veggies they want at lunch. I give them a few choices. Right now cucumbers, broccoli, and cauliflower are favorites!

Having fun lunch boxes and containers is always helpful getting my kids to pack lunches. I pick up a few items here and there to make lunches fun through out the year.

My 2nd grade already has a goal to make her school lunches herself this year. She’s been practicing all summer. I love this product!

Great giveaway! Eating healthy is so important, but it’s costly. I love reusable compartment containers & my daughter loves the surprised I pack in them.

When we make a menu for the week the kids love helping to make their favorite lunch, they are atil young but live the bento style lunch boxes, so much easier to manage and pack!

We commute to our kids school (45minutes) and to my school. I would love to win these products to use for our on the road breakfasts and school lunches.

My daughter and I sit down every month and she and I brainstorm lunch ideas. She loves to help pack things the night before and help make her own sandwiches.

Thanks for the print out list! Definitely gives us noncreative parents ideas. I’m super nervous for my son to start kindergarten, but i think once he sees this he’ll be excited. Plus it gives us mommy and son time

Love this! I have twins in 1st that always want to take their lunch. It would be even better if it would let me print. 🙂

My daughter (5y/o) and I make her lunch for school together. She knows to pick at least 1 fruit, 1 veggie, and 1 protein for each meal. it’s almost like a nightly/morning project we do together. She’s also learning how to make the food by herself as well as make good healthy choices. Her fave thing right now is picking on the cookie cutter shape for her PB sandwich ( because we use plastic not super sharp cutters) she also does it by herself.

My son is in kindergarten he qualifies for free lunch but he’d much rather take his lunch from home. He loves trying out the different recipes from your site thank you 🙂

In this household, we really try to use re-useable items. Less waste and it helps us feel better at the end of the day. This is a great giveaway idea. I want that bag for my own work lunches.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Having them pack their own lunches also helps with grocery shopping. They have to think about lunches realistically and participate in shopping. It cuts back on just asking for junk food because they know what needs to be in their lunch.

With my daughter being gluten free!! I am always looking for different lunch box ideas and how to pack the lunch box with everything gett squished together. Thank you for the chance to win this giveaway for her.

I love these products. I struggle to come up with healthy lunches that my kids will eat. These creative tools make me excited about the start of school. Plus….I swear I’ve never won anything in my entire life. Nada, zip, zilcho, etc. *sigh*

Love all your great lunch ideas. I will be trying to incorporate some this year, including letting him nake his own lunch.

Making healthy choices is so much easier with fun options like these. My kids always get tired of the same old thing. Great ideas, thanks!

My kids does not want to eat cafeteria food since day 1 so i pack their lunches. Your website is a real life saver.

I agree!! From personal experience, I should have instilled such skills much earlier on. I should’ve started when my kids were 3! Good for you!

I am obsessed with all these company’s love I would make sure to represent the company’s well in pictures of my kids

My daughter LOVES being involved in preparing her food, she’s only four but is always asking me what certain vegetables and fruits do for her body – I am so on board with this lunch packing deal!

These are amazing products & a perfect opportunity to teach my son what we pack *with* is just as important 😉 THANK YOU for such a fabulous giveaway!!

My daughters ages 7 and 12 pack their own lunches. I was tired of standing in the kitchen asking what they wanted in their lunch. I always check to see but most times they make good choices.

This would be an amazing gift for my 1st grade son, who is just as excited as I am about doing healthy home lunches!