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It has always been a challenge for me to include vegetables in a sack lunch.  Of course there is the old standby of cut up carrots with a side of ranch, but I’m sure this gets old quick, and it’s the first thing to be tossed in the garbage.   I think a key here to getting the carrots eaten is to not over pack.  If there is too much food, they won’t need to eat the healthiest thing in their lunch.

I have two in elementary school and one at home.  But today I packed a lunch for all three of them so I wouldn’t have to pull out the supplies a second time today.  I first cut the carrots into VERY thin strips, making it easy to eat with or without a dip.  I squirted a tablespoon of ranch into a small disposable container with a lid.  My daughter will bring this back because she uses a lunch box.  My son may, or may not return it, I’m taking my chances.   They each got a mini bagel with a small round slice of cheese I cut out with a round cookie cutter, and a small round slice of lean ham.  They got a handful of pistachio’s, which happen to be a table favorite.  My kids have told me other kids want their pistachio’s and are willing to trade desserts for them!!  Wow, who knew?  I cut up a pear so it’s easy to eat.  And of course I topped it off with a chocolate Hershey kiss.  Every child needs a small bite of chocolate, and you can’t be the only kid in school without a treat in your lunch bag. I also give them a quarter to buy a carton of milk.  So we have all the food groups represented here with both a fruit, a vegetable.  We’ve got our grains, protein, and some healthy fat from the nuts, some dairy,  and a small treat.  It’s so important this meal is balanced.  This will help them to think better in class and have the sustained energy only whole foods can offer. 

I already know the reaction when they come home.  They will have eaten everything because this is a common lunch I send.  Then my daughter will say, “you know that chocolate you put in my lunch?, where do you keep them, and can I have another?”

Good luck note in lunchbox

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I think that is a good idea for a sack lunch, I never thought about if there was to much other things they won’t eat the healthy things. keep he ideas coming.