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Infused Oils and Preserves - Edible gifts that won't clutter the homes of your loved ones!

I try to make our lives more simple by getting rid of stuff, and not accumulating new stuff.  If the house starts to get messy and cluttered, I know we have too many things.  My kids don’t own very many toys, most books we try to get at the library, and when we get new furniture, we try to get rid of old furniture.  We actually won a flat screen TV at my husbands work party this weekend, so we had to get rid of our current TV.  I don’t need 3 televisions!  Your family will be healthier and happier with less stuff to clutter their minds and lives.

Anyway, I have a point here…. consumable Christmas gifts for friends and family! Here are some yummy ideas:

  • Spices!  OK… I would love these.  I saw some cute small baskets with spices at Ross the other day.
  • Vinegar Jars!  I actually saw these at Ross too. But here is a recipe for Blueberry Balsamic Vinegar I found that sounded really great!  There are some gorgeous jars you can put this in. Its decorative AND consumable.
  • Nuts!  Everyone loves the Christmas Almonds.
  • Wooden Salad bowl with special dressings.
  • Food storage! I love this idea.  Take any food storage Item and dress it up.  Put scrapbook paper around a #10 can full of wheat, flour, sugar, or beans.  This gift will be appreciated by anyone affected by the recession.

Any other ideas for neighbors, friends and family?  Keeping it healthy!

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