Caramel Apples



I do know the grocery store has some yummy low fat caramel dip in the produce section, but the majority of them have high-fructose corn syrup (a definite NO). So I found my own recipe for a fat free caramel dip. Well unfortunately it tasted like caramel, but it was so watery, we couldn’t do anything with it, unless we wanted to drink it, and that hardly sounded appetizing.

So I looked further and found Concord Foods “organic Caramel”. It was about $2.75 at the regular grocery store. It had no high fructose corn syrup, and it was 100 times better than the one I tried to make.  After the apples were gone, I decided to spread some of the caramel on a graham cracker. It seriously tasted like a Twix candybar, minus the chocolate. If I had some chocolate chips, I would have melted and dipped my caramel covered graham cracker. Doesn’t that sound terrific!!! Someone try it for me.Apple slices with caramel

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Ugh. That’s my problem, I know HFCS is bad but every time I go to start eliminating it, I get overwhelmed in all the places I find it. So I just try to stay from it about 60% of the time (which is probably more like 40% with the stuff I don’t even know about)

This might keep you away… I went to a workshop when I worked for the Health Department taught by a professor from the U. He said “High Fructose Corn Syrup is so refined it by-passes all your bodies normal food processing systems and get’s stored as fat!” He quoted some studies, and whether you believe it or not, it’s worth staying away from.

I LOVE the carmel yogurt from stonyfield farm. It’s yummy with apples. I don’t buy it often though it’s about $1 for 6 oz and I’m too cheap for that price. But it’s a tasty HCFS free option for carmel.

i know what you mean! right now my 2 year old doesn’t realize that all those candy commercials on tv can be bought and im scared of the day when she realizes that! thanks for this write up!

Haven’t tried the yogurt yet. I remember when my kids didn’t know you could buy cookies! They thought you could only make them.. Ahhh, and then they grow up and know everything.