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Want healthy meals your kids will love?

Bite Size Snack Sticks


Kids (and adults) eat with their eyes.  Sometimes just changing up the shape of regular foods gets your kids excited about eating them!  Today we had a stick themed snack.  I cut everything into super thin sticks so they were easy to chew and just the right size for toddlers without all of their teeth.  We had apple, whole wheat bread, kiwi, string cheese, cucumber, and carrots.  Then for dippers we had hummus and peanut butter.


My 1 1/2 year old sat and munched on these fun snack sticks for 10 minutes without getting up!  That is a record for her.  My 3 year old came running in the house and said “Mom, I love those black seeds!”  I couldn’t think of what in the world she was talking about until I remembered the kiwi.  Ha ha.  She has never liked kiwi before, but ate ALL of the kiwi-sticks.



What else could you cut into sticks?

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My few-toothed toddler would thank you for this post! Think I’ll give it a try for his afternoon snack. My 3 year old is the same – won’t try a food in it’s “usual” form, but if I dress it up a little or cut it into an unusual shape he’s all over it! Thanks for the excellent inspiration!

This is such a great tip! Cutting any food into shapes is a great way to gain new interest. I would encourage people to get creative and think of all different sorts of shapes. My 2 year old will often shift gears mid meal if I take the whole banana and just cut it into circles (you know if he decided he wasn’t going to eat banana that day). I wrote a post on this on my blog at http://www.YourKidsTable.com, titled Try and Try at least 12 times.

I am a mom and occupational therapist that specializes in helping children with feeding difficulties.