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Want healthy meals your kids will love?

Birthday Breakfast



Homemade pancake mix


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Happy Birthday, Cereal Boy! Wow, is he ever growing up!

Our kids are grown now, but we used to have friends over for a breakfast birthday party. We’d stack donuts (sorry) artfully all over a platter and put candles on top….but your pancakes look much better. Muffins would be good, too, and could still be nourishing. With fruit, juice, lowfat sausages…better than pizza, chips and gooey cake for a crowd of little people! Kids usually like breakfast the best of any meal, I’ve found.

It’s really easy to ditch the neon cereal when you learn that those pretty colors are made from petroleum. In fact, the majority of them start out in petroleum refineries in China! They have been linked to serious behavior, learning and health problems.
The good news is that it’s not so hard to find the foods you enjoy without the petrol. The non-profit Feingold Association of the US researches brand name foods and publishes books listing thousands of foods of all types that are free of them. See http://www.feingold.org for details on the materials available.