June 17, 2012 | Home >Kid Fitness > Menu Ideas >Outdoors with Kids and Healthy Meals
Outdoors with Kids and Healthy Meals
June 17, 2012 | Home >Kid Fitness > Menu Ideas >Outdoors with Kids and Healthy Meals

Outdoors with Kids and Healthy Meals

There is a waterfall in Alpine, Utah that you can literally slide down like a waterslide.  This new favorite outdoor spot has just made it to the top of a new list I’m making called, “Cool things God makes to help your kids enjoy the outdoors!”

The benefits to kids who connect with the outdoors while they are young go beyond good physical health. They have also found the kids who get outside to be mentally and socially healthier as well.  Not to mention, the great source of vitamin D being outside can have.

So, for our third installment of getting your kids outdoors, I was browsing the internet for things to do. I did a search for outdoor spots close to our home, and I found two cool places on climb-utah.com that I couldn’t wait to take the kids to.  The first one I found, was literally 2 miles from my home!  A hot spring!  We brought the kids to soak in the tub on Friday night and the water was amazing!


Then Saturday, we found the Alpine Water Fall, natural slide.

Tj on the alpine slidealpine falls slide

I love that we can find fun things for the kids to do outside so close to our home.

The waterslide was so much fun, and I even took a slide down! The water was FREEZING, but I felt peer pressure from my kids (and my husband), and I gave in. Totally worth it!  The hike up to the waterslide was only 1 mile, but since I wasn’t sure how long we were going to spend up there, we brought drinks and sunflower seeds.  Everyone was glad to have some for our walk back to the car.

sunflower seeds

If you are from Utah, or traveling to Utah soon, check out the Family fun section of Climb-Utah! Climb-Utah.com is literally the best site we’ve found for outdoor adventuring.  You must check it out (and the site owners video of the Alpine Sliding Rock is WAY better than mine!!)

So, now onto our meal ideas for this week!






Cherry Kale Smoothie with Whole Wheat Bagels

Sunflower Butter Sandwiches

Fruit and cheese kabobs

Vegetarian Pasta with tomatoes and Watercress


Blueberry Walnut Oatmeal

Turkey Sandwiches and Sunshine Slaw

Cherry Kale Smoothie Sorbet

Pecan Crusted Chicken with greens


Scrambled Eggs with spinach

big Salad and leftover chicken

Cherries and Sunflower Seeds

Sloppy Joes with Homemade fries


Grapefruit and whole wheat toast with peanut butter

Cranberry Tuna Wrap

Black Bean hummus and corn chips

Tomato Basil Soup with Rolls


Poached Egg on Kale and bagel

Leftover Soup

carrots and laughing cow cheese

Cornmeal Crusted White fish

(Print this meal plan)

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written by
Amy Roskelley

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Sounds like a fun adventure! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Vennesa says:

I wish I would have known about the Climb-Utah site before we went on vacation last week. I see all these places listed that we drove right through, not knowing that there was anything cool to see there.
I’ll remember it for our next trip!

Colleen says:

Oh oh oh you just made my day!!!! Any other good advice for out here?! We’ve done doughnut falls and bridal veil falls…hubby and I just did Timpangos (spell?) yesterday….too hard for my ill ones tho! We are really liking living in Utah for these fun places! Thank you thank you thank you lol 🙂 we may try this weekend!!

angee says:

Wow!!! Thanx!! You know that I’m always looking for fun FREE adventures so these are GREAT!! Thanx so much!

Amy says:

Angee- that website is perfect for your family! In fact, check out the Fairy Forest: http://climb-utah.com/Uinta/fairy.htm

angee says:

Oh, and funny that you mentioned the hot spring because I just said to Mark this weekend how I wish there was one nearby for the kids to experience! 🙂

That slippery waterslide looks tons of fun! Your kids look like the real adventurous type! Must be in the genes?

Helen says:

That’s great! But being outdoors is healthy for your children, however eating there may not be safe. One should not forget about hygiene and dangers, kids are vulnerable to.I mean helminths: http://treatit.net/category/anthelmintics/, but other risks exist too.

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