Nutrition Educator Resources Now Available on Health Beet

Nutrition Educator Resources Now Available on Health Beet

Nutrition education tools that bring healthy lessons home. GRAND OPENING SALE 20% OFF ENTIRE STORE!

In late 2007, I designed a portion plate to teach my own kids nutrition in a practical, easy to understand way.  I started Super Healthy Kids as a platform to sell this first plate along with ideas to help you feed your kids more fruits and vegetables!

Over the past decade, I’ve  had thousands of parents write in tell us that their kids are finally choosing veggies on their own. They are telling their parents that they want to fill this whole plate with all the food groups. I even had a mom complain in fun to me that ever since her preschooler got the plate, she begs for every food on it- including carrots at breakfast!

Over the last 10 years, we’ve evolved and pivoted many times.  The nutrition plates have been very popular with health educators who teach a balanced approach to eating, and send their clients home with a tool that reinforces those lessons.  (history of Super Healthy Kids)



  • 2007 Designed the first illustrations for the “Healthy Habits Plate
  • 2008 Recieved first 2000 plates from manufacturer.
  • 2011 USDA adopted the Choose MyPlate image to replace the MyPyramid food guide
  • 2012 Featured in Family Fun Magazine!
  • 2015 Started targeting the consumer market via Amazon
  • 2018 Rebranded to Health Beet to sell to the educator market at bulk prices

Since the plates have been so well received by health educators everywhere, it’s time to give this product line it’s own online space and identity!  We’ve rebranded the physical products sold by Super Healthy Kids as HEALTH BEET!

We’re excited about this new direction for these products. is great for wholesale buying because not only are we offering free shipping for orders over $25, but wholesale prices start as low as 4 plates!  And to celebrate the launch and grand opening of Health Beet, we’re offering 20% off all plates through the month of May!

If you are an educator, head over to find the same great MyPlate products with a much smoother checkout process, more resources for educators and a site dedicated to teaching!

If you are a parent, head to our Amazon store to find our kid friendly plates to teach your kids nutrition at home!


We want to give away several four packs of our newest Choose MyPlates for kids!  To be eligible,  one entry for each of the following things:

Giveaway will end May 8th!

written by
Amy Roskelley

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Sara says:

My littlest hates veggies. I would give this a try to see if it would encourage her to eat more vegetables.

Faby says:

Thank you so much for creating Super Healthy Kids… !

Samaanta Nichani says:

Hopefully these will help my picky twins eat!!

Crystal says:

I can’t wait to use these plates to teach my young children, and enjoy eating healthy together! I hope we are lucky to win a pack! Healthy family, here we come ????

Breanna says:

Commenting for plate giveaway!! Hope I win, my nanny kids would love these!

Sandra M says:

Would love this plate for my toddler! Smart eating habits are so important. Thank you!

Nayomi says:

I don’t know if this is ideal for fussy eaters but I’m completely worn out with meal times ill give anything a go.

Shira says:

What a great concept!

Suzy says:

Thanks for the giveaway. I could really use these at home with the kids!

AllyPan says:

What a great idea. Cute and educational!

Sonia says:

I would love to win this for one of my picky eaters!

Pip says:

What a fab plate, o worry about how many vege my wee fulla gets so this would be great!

Frankie Stadelhofer says:

These plates would be perfect for my toddler!! Excited for your drawing!

Ren says:

These would be great! What an awesome giveaway 🙂

Alisia Huss says:

Yes! My son needs his food separated (not touching) and this would tell him how much is just right. Maybe he’ll eat more veggies and less grains now!

Denisse says:

I love one plate! ☺️

Alveena says:

Would love to get one

Altina says:

My kids would love these!!

Jubina Mohammed says:

It looks nice.
Would like to get it for my kids
Thank you

Erica Reese says:

I would love ❤️ these plates!!! They would be perfect for my daycare kids! ????

Dulce says:

I love this page. Easy and delicious recipes. My kids would love these plates!

Lyn Mackay says:

I would love to win one of these plates, they look awesome. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

Dana Boissonneault says:

I’d love these plates!

Amanda says:

I have three children

pam says:

I want to win!!! ????????????

Maria Corona says:

I would love this for my 3 year old.

Maria says:

These would be so helpful for my toddler. I love the bright colors and that I wouldn’t have to worry about portion sizes anymore! Thanks for the chance!

Angie Peterson says:

These plates are AWESOME!!!

Marion says:

I have been eyeing these plates for a while and would love to receive a set for my little ones!

Lorna Howells says:

these plates look fabulous – they would definitely help my little boy to eat healthy. Thank you for this great giveaway x

nicole says:

The plates are adorable, I would love to win one! Dinnertime is sometimes a struggle, and kids always respond better to fun things like this!

Brandie says:

I would love to have these for my kids. They would be so excited to use these.

Sara says:

I would love one of these for my little guy. He struggles with real food and this plate is so cute.

Cleo says:

These would be perfect for my girls!


These are awesome!

Angie Shahan says:

I think my kids would love this!

Laura says:

These look so awesome! Thanks for the chance to win one!

Enes says:

Great idea! Need these for my grandchildren. We have been working on a healthy eating plan.

Allison thake says:

Would love these plates for my kiddos!

Elizabeth Bowling says:

These would be great for my son!

Beth Truitt says:

Subscribed and hoping to win. My picky eaters could really benefit from these.

Rachel says:

Would love to win! My daughter is going through a very picky eating phase and these would help greatly.

Ashley Singleton says:

I would love to win one of these to visually see how much of each food group my kids should be eating. Great portion control and I think they’d love it!

Jodi Frye says:

Really love this blog! I’ve made miles of progress with my picky eaters and learned how to feed them in a healthy way! Food is fuel, knowledge is life! Thanks for all the work put in here !!! ????

Jodi Frye says:

Sorry! The question marks at the end are supposed to be hearts! LOL!

Elaine Lopez says:

Please – may I have a set!

Michelle says:

These are fun!

Alysha says:


Shannon S. says:

These plates are a great visual for little ones to learn about their serving size, food groups & nutrition!

Jen says:

I’d love to win these for my kids

Yen Tran says:

Woah! Woah! Woah! We love it, this plate will be very useful for us, and the colors are so attractive. Would love to have the plate 🙂

Alma Tucker says:

Loving these plates! Want to get my kids to eat more veg!

Nic says:

These are so much more useful for kids to learn than food pyramids. I hope I win them 😉

Catherine Cody says:

love these. so will my grandkids.

joanne jensen says:

these plates are adorable!

Janna Grice says:

I would love one of these plates for my daughter! She is 2.5 yrs and this would be a great tool to help.teach her and make sure she is getting her veggies daily! Thank you for the chance to win!

Amery Der says:

What a great idea that works for kids to eat more healthy foods!

Leslie H says:

So practical and creative! The entire family- adults included – would benefit from the eye catching concept! thanks for starting the website and meal plan program, it has changed our lives. We now build meals around veggies, as well as fruit and whole grains, instead of starting with meat and adding veggies-as an afterthought.

Jamie K says:

These are so fun! My kids would love them 🙂

Jill Murphy says:

Are the plates BPA free and microwave and dishwasher safe?

Jen Hite says:

Would love to win these for my little one!

Kristy says:

This is exactly what my toddler needs. It would be a complete game changer at meal times

Kristina says:

Yay! Those look fun.

Amanda Head says:

I have been looking for better ways to teach my kids healthier eating habits. I just came across these today and can see us using these often. Please choose us!!!

Dani Whisel says:

Subscribed and signed up. I would love these for my picky eaters.

Kara B says:

These plates look amazing to help my littles eat from all the food groups. (And it’ll force me to make sure I have all of the food groups on the table for dinner! ????)

Sandee says:

A bentoplae. I love it.

Lacie says:

These would be so helpful for mealtimes with my two and four year old!

Megha Joshi says:

I need this..looks very interesting

Laurie says:

I’d love a plate! (Two, actually, since I have two kids. 🙂

Kristin says:

Love Super Healthy Kids!

Sarah Robinson says:

I wish protein pictures weren’t always so meat centric. Still it’s cute and will help me remember to mage sure we have protein in the meal.

Sarah! We did make a vegetarian plate, and no one bought them! LOL

Jenniffer Grafton says:

I need 2 of these plates!! My kids are soo picky!

Jess Schwartz says:

These are such an AWESOME way to inspire healthy, balanced eating. How cute too!

Jen says:

Cute plate! So colorful and fun!

Christine Meyer says:

This would be a great plate to have for my kiddo. It’s such a great way to remember the portions that he should eating with each meal!

Kristin Ladd says:

These are amazing! I’d love one!

Audrey Petit says:

Love it! Yes please!

Laura says:

What a great way to get my kiddos to eat healthier!!Hope i win some plates.

Laura says:

Adorable plates!! Thinking about how my Grandkids would love them <3

Talia says:

I would love to win these!!! As a holistic nutritionist, personal trainer & mom of 3 these would be great for my boys and even greater for my clients!!!

Eva says:

Great plates!! My Kids would love these and may encourage eating even more variety of foods!

Brandy says:

Yes please 🙂 I have 3 little girls and would love for the chance to win !

Julie Golden says:

Love these plates. I teach pre school and I want to give them to my students as an end of year gift. They are great!

Art of Doscovery Academy says:

Im so excited about this plate. I have a daughter with a rare genetic disease and this would be so helpful to help her in eating. She also is failure to tribe with this disease. Thank you for all you do!

Angie Furutani says:

Great idea for parents who is struggling with feeding time????????‍♀️????

Alveena says:

Already following and loving your posts and channel

Amanda Pederson says:

My kids would love these

Kim Hansen says:

I would love to have a set of these plates!

Stephanie Rivera says:

I want these plates..they would not only help my kids to be better eaters, but myself as well!!…

Stacy Brown says:

Would love to win!

Roxana says:

I would love to win a pack, but I’m not from USA so probably not qualified for your giveaway…, anyway, thanks for your work and efforts… I get inspired from your website each and every day!

Lezley Pridgen says:

Such a fun and creative way to get my kiddos to eat more veggies!! And I have 4 so this would be so amazing!! B

Betsy R says:

I bought 4 already, but need more now that our 2 yr old is being picky. Love these plates!

Allison beaulieu says:

Love love love these plates! My son loves them too. Healthy eating is important to us and coming from a family of fussy eaters my son will eat just about anything you put on his plate. But portions are hard and this makes them simple! 🙂

Deb says:

Signed up and subscribed! These are so cute! Fingers crossed I can win some for my kids!

Zeel says:

Would love these even for my 9 year old.

Emilie G says:

Best idea ever

Linda says:

Do you have any plates for 12 year olds or 49 year olds for that matter???

Christi says:

Love this idea!

Sara says:

This would be so helpful with feeding my daughter. I’m always second guessing myself on portions!

Rose Eastman says:

I would love to have a set not only for the nieces and nephews when they are over, but for myself. Even as an adult I don’t always eat the best or have all the spots on your plate filled. This would help me not only reduce portion size, but pay more attention to what I am eating. Also if I use the plate then I know the kids in my life would be willing to use them too.

Heather Roholt says:

This would be great for my little guys! I love that they promote making independent choices!

KyLee Dickinson says:

I’ve got 4 kiddos ages 1, 3 6 and 9. I would love to win a four pack of the plates!

carmen swanson says:

Never used these, would love to try them!!

Kara says:

I would love to have these plates!

Stephanie says:

Love these!!

Karina Griffeth says:

Oh how my toddler needs this! And me too! This plate would help us be more mindful of the nutrition and variety of food our little boys are getting!

Bethany says:

would love these for my kiddos!

Katie says:

These look so great! Love the colors, excited for a chance to win!

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Healthy, Happy Eaters.
Join over 100k + subscribers and get family-friendly recipes, picky-eater strategies, lunch-packing tips and more, delivered each week to your inbox.