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New Menu: Slow Cooker Week

This week, I am in a slow cooker mood.  My sister just bought two slow cooker cookbooks, and I checked out one from the library that has 1400 recipes! Holy moly!

My sister and I have been talking this week about how if you plan to make a meal from the slow cooker, the day is so much easier! Dinner is READY!  What a saving appliance for busy days and working parents.  Although I started finding recipes for EVERY meal, I quickly realized you can not cook four meals a day in the crock pot, unless I had 4 slow cookers! LOL.  So instead, I just linked to a Slow Cooker Recipe for breakfast and dinner. (except the yogurt one I had to keep in there for reference sake)

  Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner
Monday Cranberry Raisin Steel Cut oats Almond butter and strawberry jelly on whole wheat with carrots Crock Pot Yogurt with berries Slow Cooker tortilla Soup
Tuesday 6 Grain Crockpot Breakfast with berries on the side Lettuce, tomato and turkey on whole wheat bagel Olives and string cheese Slow Cooker Beef and Onion with Blueberry Salad
Wednesday Egg and Broccoli Casserole Sprouts, avocado, leftover  beef in pita Trails End Popcorn!! (new product review) Apricot Chicken with green beans
Thursday Breakfast Cobbler Peanut Butter and Nutella on Whole wheat bread with apples Hard Boiled Eggs and Celery Honey Lemon chicken with potatoes
Friday Italian Breakfast Burrito with bananas Almond butter, raisins and banana on whole wheat pita Applesauce Potato Soup (adding carrots)


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Amy Roskelley

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cathy says:

Awesome! These days, the slow cooker is definitely my friend, and I’m always looking for good recipes.

Michelle says:

I love slow cooking! And this time of year is when I really kick into high gear with it, too. My husband is grossed out by eggs cooking in the slow cooker- bacteria growth, I guess. Some of those recipes called for eggs, but I don’t think any of them were longer than a couple of hours. I wanted to do all day or overnight… is that gross?

phyllis says:

actually, did you notice that crockpots are on sale this week at target for only $15? if you have storage space, it would allow for more than one crockpot meal in a day…but i actually giggled when i read what you wrote because i glanced at the menu before i read the intro – and i couldn’t imagine how you would crockpot cook all day long!!!!

Amu says:

YES!! So funny, because I saw the Target ad, and I just about came back here to make the same comment!!

Annett says:

As always another “perfect” meal plan! You are awesome!! I’ve never thought of a crockpot breakfast, besides steel oats.. yum!

Is it sad that I could make breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack in my crock pots? Worse yet I down sized and got rid of 2! You see I have the appetizer crock that came with my family crock and a 1970 throw back crock as well as the larger Roaster Crock. I do love to cook dinner in my crock pot, come home, its done….

Amy says:

Wow! I had no idea there was so many varieties. I better get myself and appetizer crock!

Traci says:

You have no idea how much a love my crockpot. As a lazy soul when it comes to cooking, crockpots are awesome. They’re also meals that are extremely hard to screw up–even for me. 🙂

Amy says:

Traci, we are two kindred souls.

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