Amy Roskelley

Amy has a bachelors degree in Health Education. Before she started Super Healthy Kids, she worked in a variety of settings teaching about healthy living and doing on site health assessments. Amy is a mom of 3 teens who has a passion for healthy living. Amy’s kids will eat almost anything now, but it has taken a long time to get there so don’t give up!

Natalie Monson

Natalie is a registered dietitian, and before Super Healthy Kids, worked in a variety of settings in the medical field. Natalie has always had a passion for healthy eating and active living. She has 4 young children and enjoys being in the kitchen and experimenting new foods with her kids! Natalie enjoys running races, working in her yard and garden, and spending time outdoors with her family.

How did Super Healthy Kids Start??

Amy started the blog as a way to spread her healthy eating message for kids and also to sell our healthy habits plate.   A few years later, Natalie moved to the same city as Amy and they met when working with the youth group in their local church.  They started talking nutrition, and knew that there was something big they could create together.  Super Healthy Kids has grown from there!  Amy and Natalie love working together and share a passion for health, fitness and whole foods.  Their vision is to continue to help both parents and educators make it easier to feed kids nutritious food with a focus on fruits and veggies, that is fun, simple and delicious!

Feeding your kids healthy food can be a challenge, but so rewarding!  Amy and Natalie both have children and know first hand what some of the challenges can be!  The recipes, and products on this site are tested by our own families and will hopefully help you have success in feeding your children fresh, wholesome foods with more smiles and less frowns!

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Russell Monson

Russ is our CEO and runs the business aspects of Super Healthy Kids. His primary job is to make sure that all of our products make raising Super Healthy Kids easier for you! He is an entrepreneur who loves figuring out how to help businesses run smoothly and achieve their goals. He is married to Natalie and his hobbies include raising their four little children, astronomy, hiking, nature, and outdoor adventures.

Jackie Vega

RD / Meal Plan Developer
Jackie writes the recipes and creates the meal plans for our subscription service. Jackie is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and ACE certified personal trainer.  She is married with two children. Her busy family and entrepreneurial life has drawn her specialties towards pre/postnatal, children and families, & mentoring mommies and mommies-to-be towards fit, healthy pregnancies and achieving that pre-baby physique!

Brad Hoen


Jessica Madsen

Recipe Quality Control
Jessica is our recipe and ingredient quality control specialist.  She is an athlete and has run many long distance races.  Jessica is married and has 3 teenage daughters that keep her busy running around with school, friends, and her other full-time job - Soccer mom!

Terita Heath-Wlaz

Copy and Content Creator
Terita writes web content to help communicate the inspiring message of Super Healthy Kids. She’s also a mom, partner, kitchen tinkerer, gardener, and lover of fresh food. Besides writing for Super Healthy Kids, she blogs in the Healthy Living network at Care2.

Melissa John

Social Media Manager
Melissa is our social media manager and has been with Super Healthy Kids since 2015. She is a first-time mom to a beautiful baby girl and is excited to raise super healthy kids! Melissa lives in Southeast Idaho and loves hanging out with her husband. Her hobbies include reading, singing, writing, and swimming.

Aubrey Smith

Recipe Editor
Aubrey is our recipe editor. She is married with 5 kids who keep her constantly on the go! She loves to read books of all kinds, and enjoys collecting cookbooks. Her favorite things include hanging out with her crew, yoga, playing the piano, enjoying the outdoors, and being in the kitchen. She dreams of traveling all over the world- although that will probably have to wait until the kids get a little older!

Russell Johnson

Software Engineer / Pickle Ball Specialist

Ashly Hunter

Senior Software Engineer