Amy Roskelley

Amy founded Super Healthy Kids in 2007 to inspire families to eat more fruits and veggies for lifelong health! Amy has a background in health education and a passion for fresh food and fitness. She’s also a mom to three teenagers who will eat almost anything, these days. But it has taken a long time to get there, so don’t give up!

Natalie Monson

Natalie is a registered dietitian and co-owner of Super Healthy Kids. Her first career in the medical field taught her just how important healthy living is. Natalie has four young children who are excellent (and sometimes brutally honest) recipe testers. She loves to run races, grow veggies in her garden, and spend time with her kids outdoors.

How did Super Healthy Kids Start??

Amy started Super Healthy Kids as a way to spread her healthy eating message for kids and also to sell our healthy habits plate.   A few years later, Natalie moved to the same city as Amy and they met when working with the youth group in their local church.  They started talking nutrition, and knew that there was something big they could create together.  Super Healthy Kids has grown into three businesses with a brilliant connected cooking app called Prepear, the Super Healthy Kids blog, and Health Beet, where we now sell the portion plates.  Amy and Natalie love working together and share a passion for health, fitness and whole foods.  Their vision is to continue to help both parents and educators make it easier to feed kids nutritious food with a focus on fruits and veggies, that is fun, simple and delicious!

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Russell Monson

Russ runs the business side of Super Healthy Kids. An entrepreneur at heart, he likes to think big, take on new projects, and figure out how best to keep our businesses running smoothly. Russ is married to Natalie and loves raising their four kids, stargazing, hiking, and outdoor adventuring.

Mark Gardner

Mark is in charge of keeping our technology running fast and smooth. He’s a self-described oddball who likes to build code for kicks and solve hard problems. Mark loves spending time with his family and hitting off-road trails in his free time.

Brad Hoen

Brad designs our web pages and creative branding elements so visitors to our site have a great experience here. He’s married and has four terrific kids. Brad loves sports and someday hopes to visit all 30 major league baseball stadiums with his family. He’s halfway there!

Jessica Madsen

Recipe Database Quality
Jessica makes sure all our recipes and ingredients are categorized the right way in our database, and that each one calculates nutrition data correctly. She is a long-distance runner and a soccer mom to three teenage daughters.

Terita Heath-Wlaz

Senior Copywriter
Terita writes copy and content that helps us spread the word about healthy food for kids and families. She and her husband have two kids and two cats, and they’ve called six different states home (so far.) Terita loves to read, cook, and chase the squirrels out of her veggie garden.

Melissa John

Social Media Manager
Melissa plans and moderates all our social media pages, from the posts you see, to behind-the-scenes strategy and analytics. Her favorite platform is Pinterest (this week.) Melissa is a mom to a beautiful little girl, and in her free time, she likes participating in group fitness, reading, writing, swimming, and Netflix-binging with her husband.

Aubrey Smith

Recipe Editor
Aubrey creates the prep tips and triple-checks all the recipes on the blog and in our meal plans, to make sure they cook as good as they look. She also has five children who keep her very busy! Aubrey loves to read, collect cookbooks, do yoga, and play the piano. She dreams of someday traveling the world.

Russell Johnson

Software Engineer / Pickle Ball Specialist
Russell works on our development team building the part of our site that you can see. He considers himself half outdoorsman, half indoor kid: he likes to hike, camp, play video games, and binge-watch Stranger Things. Favorite breakfast food: green smoothies.