The New Way Healthy Families Cook: Try It!

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Welcome to the new Super Healthy Kids! If you only knew us from the blog before now, then get ready. We’ve got a treat for you.

Get our new Family Fresh Meal Plans completely free for 30 days. No credit card required to sign up!

Free Meal Plans for Healthy Families

Super Healthy Kids’ complete, Family Fresh Meal Plans now come to you on the first-ever connected cooking app, Prepear. And we’ve made them available for anyone to try for 30 days, completely free.

What Do I Get When I Sign Up?

Here’s exactly what you get: healthy meal plans and recipes refreshed every week, plus matching “smart grocery lists,” a place to store your favorite recipes, and connections to your friends who care about home cooking. All in one place. FINALLY! So you can manage your whole mealtime process easily, right on your phone, and actually have fun doing it!

Even though we’ve made big changes, the best parts of our service are staying exactly the same:

  • Our meal plans are still chock full of the healthy, colorful, kid-friendly recipes we’re famous for.
  • Our members still get weekly emails and videos from Dietitian Jacky showing how to prep and cook the meals in each plan.
  • Our 28-recipe meal plans are a still a labor of love created each week by registered dietitians and moms, and shared with our member families!

Try us! See how good it feels to have your meal planning taken care of for you each week… and to KNOW it’s healthy for your family. (And there’s a darn good chance your picky kids will eat it!)


When you sign up to get your Family Fresh Meal Plans today, you’ll get instant access–without having to share your credit card info. There’s no catch. We just want you to see how easy and refreshing it is to cook our plans in the new app! Click below to get started.

Yes, I Want 30 Days of Free Meal Plans

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