Low Sugar Meal Plan For Kids


Is sugar really that bad for your kids? We will explore the role of sugar in your kid’s diet and also have a low sugar meal plan for you!

Sliced Cucumbers shaped like a flower with dip in the middle.

How Much Sugar is OK in your Kid’s Diet?

The newest guidelines from the American Heart Association about sugar for kids, say that kids should have less than 25 grams (6 teaspoons) of added sugar daily. This is because eating foods high in added sugars throughout childhood is linked to the development of risk factors of heart disease like obesity and elevated blood pressure.

In addition, kids who eat foods loaded with added sugars tend to eat fewer foods with more nutrition like fruits, veggies, and whole grains.

Lower Sugar Meal Plan

Balancing protein, fiber and carbs in a meal plan help your kids feel full and don’t leave a lot of room for added sugar! If you want to use this meal plan on our meal planning app that allows you to save the recipes, auto-create a grocery list and even shop the ingredients, check out Prepear!

Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner
Monday Baked Eggs Chicken and grape salad on a bed of lettuce Hummus and pita wedges Fish Sticks with green salad and strawberries
Tuesday Vegetable Omelet Broccoli Waldorf salad with apples, green onions, and chicken Celery sticks filled with tuna Chicken Marsala with mushrooms and green onions with Potato fans
Wednesday Spinach Smoothie (Orange Juice, plain yogurt, spinach, and blackberries) Quesadillas (whole wheat tortillas grilled with laughing cow cheese Banana Ice Cream Oriental Steak Stir fry with brown rice
Thursday Apple Omelet Whole wheat wrap with leftover steak, lettuce and avocado Grapes and mozzarella cheese Grilled tofu and veggies over whole wheat noodles
Friday Oatmeal with cinnamon and apples Waffle-almond butter- strawberry sandwich with chopped veggie and dip. Mini Pepper Nachos Chicken Kabobs with Asian Dipping Sauce

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We fed our kids whole foods from the beginning~! They ate what we ate… first mother’s milk, then whatever we were eathing. We had a food grinder and they LOVED our whole foods~! They are all studs now~! Unvaccinated, whole food advocates, and going for it in life! One lifeguard/ski instructor, etc; one singer/tennis/soccer; and lastly our Junior lifeguard/waterpolo/swimmer! They ALL referee soccer helping the younger kids learn how to play the game! Fresh from the garden and blessed by God. Thx for your web-site… you are encourganing many others!

Ok, I haven’t seen your blog in awhile because I didn’t know you met BOB!!! Wow, we miss 3 months of lunches and look what happens. You have a lot to catch me up on in September!

Thanks for all the great ideas. I went to the store and stocked the frig at work with cottage cheese, yogurt, and carrot sticks. I plan on adding new items each week. It really helped me stay out of their unhealthy snack cabinet!

This looks good and healthy. I’m getting nervous since next week my kids go back to school and we pack lunches. My one daughter in 8th grade doesn’t want to carry a lunchbox only a brown bag, I disagree. Any tips on keeping a lunch fresh in a brown bag? Also hoping to keep up our better then usual lunch menu. Thanks for everything.