wish you could spend less time in the kitchen and still have healthy meals on the table every day?
looking to jump start your motivation for creating a healthy environment for your kids?
want to teach your kids healthy habits that will stick with them for the rest of their lives?

Why choose a super healthy kids membership


You will learn key organization skills to create a smooth running kitchen and create balance in your home. Learn systems to be more productive all the way from the store to the dinner table!

If you need motivation to make healthier habits for your family, you will learn techniques that will help you get motivated and maintain that energy.

Our recipes and meal plans are created by a dietitian to provide the best balanced nutrition for your entire family including even the pickiest of eaters. Providing balanced nutrition for your family is part of teaching them healthy habits for life!

Super Healthy Kids Membership Features!

Prepear Meal Planning System

  • New recipes daily for every meal: Breakfast, Lunch, Snack and Dinner!
  • Fresh New Meal Plan Every Week created by our dietitians to make sure your family gets optimal balanced nutrition
  • Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables in every meal that kids will love
  • Exclusive access to our members only library of 3000 healthy recipes created with kids in mind
  • Your own personal recipe box to store your favorites
  • Customized shopping list for every meal plan
  • Every recipe analyzed for nutrient composition including calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein & sugar

Customized to meet your needs

  • All meal plans can be customized to fit your family's tastes (remove meals you don't want to cook, or replace meals with your favorites from your recipe box)
  • Access to our library of all archived meal plans so you have more to choose from.
  • Every recipe, meal plan & shopping list is printable!
  • Recipes and the meal plan are accessible any time from any phone, tablet or computer

Delicious Recipes

  • Recipes are Easy to Prepare with common ingredients - no searching for things you haven't heard of
  • High quality nutritious ingredients in every recipe
  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables incorporated in recipes
  • Every recipe is tested to ensure quality

Optimal Nutrition

  • Meal plans created by our expert dietitians to provide balanced nutrition to your entire family
  • Each recipe created with high quality whole foods
  • Recipes are low in sugar, high in fiber, include whole grains and a variety of healthy protiens
  • Meals provide a balance of vitamins and minerals to ensure your kids get everything they need for optimal growth
  • Fruits and Veggies prepared in a variety of ways to promote adventurous eating with your kids

Member Success

  • Weekly emails to boost your motivation with tips and strategies for that week
  • Member access to meal prep videos showing you exactly how to get meals ready ahead of time
  • Your nutrition and kids feeding questions answered by our on staff dietitian via video
  • Customer support 7 days a week

How It Works

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View Your Prepear Plan

View, print, or review the new meal plan, created for your family by our dietitians


Prepare all the meals, or remove the ones you won’t be making and replace them with your families favorite dishes from over 3000 recipes in our database.

Shopping List

Print the shopping list or open it on your device at the store.

Prepare Meals

Print the meal plan and put it on your fridge. Everyone in the family, including you, will know what to expect for dinner.  Engage the kids and prepare the meals!

Sample meal prep video
Ask a dietitian videos

Premium Member Bonuses


Course 1 - The Kitchen

We'll teach you everything you need to know to create an organized kitchen, fridge and pantry! This is so important that it is the first step. Imagine how great it will feel when your kitchen life is so organized that your kids can just grab their own healthy snacks when they are hungry!

Course 2 - The Plan

We take you through the most effective ways to get your meal planning done, but even better - how to do it under 10 minutes per week! Think how much less stress there will be in your life when 5:00 rolls around and you know what's for dinner!

Course 3 - The Store

Navigate the store like a pro and get in and out (with healthy food) in record time! We'll walk you through the best way to plan your shopping trip, get your kids involved, and actually have fun shopping for healthy food. Imagine how great it will be when you can get in and out of the store in half the time, with less stress, spending less money, and having fun with your kids!

Course 4 - The Prep

What foods should you be prepping each week? Weekly food prep is the key to success in the kitchen, and we'll show you how to do it right in less than an hour a week. Imagine how you'll feel when you have done your weekly prep and have a whole week's worth of delicious healthy snacks and meals mostly prepared in advance!

Course 5 - The Daily

Once you've learned how to do your weekly prep right, the daily prep is going to be shockingly fast & easy. We will walk you through the morning and evening routines that will be the key to cooking healthy meals in under 30 minutes a day! This is honestly the payoff of everything you learn in this course, you won't believe that you can really cook healthy food for your kids in 30 minutes a day!

Course 6 - Cooking Hacks

Don't you love it when you find a better way to do something in half the time with the same result? So do we! Did you know you can cut and peel like a whiz in the kitchen when you cook with these simple time saving tricks.


Each course includes important printables that will help keep you organized and on track! These printables are where the rubber meets the road, they give you the tools to actually put what you learn in the lessons into practice. Check out some of what's included in each module

For your kitchen - 5 Bonus printables including organization guides for all areas of your kitchen (pantry, fridge, etc)!

For meal planning - 5 bonus printables including a checklist for your planning sessions, weekly and monthly meal plan templates, 30 days of meals already planned for you, and more!

For grocery shopping - 5 bonus printables will help you get organized, shop faster and even get the kids involved to have fun!

For meal prepping - 6 bonus printables will show you which foods to prep, how to store them, give you tons of recipes that can easily be prepped a week in advance, and more!

For daily organization - 2 bonus printables that will be your checklist for your morning and evening prep.
"I love that I can get into the kitchen every morning, and have breakfast waiting for me! I love that my kids know exactly where the prepped veggies are, so they can grab them as soon as school gets out. Everyone is eating better because it's organized, the food is prepped, and it's convienent!"
-Kim S.
"I became a member recently, and just wanted to say how much I love your site. My son (3yo) is pretty picky, and since using your recipes and meal plans I've been able to expand his fruits and veggies so much. I love all the options and selections each week. Thanks for all the great recipes!"
-Kristina S.
"My premium membership has been truly amazing- a life saver! Not only has it helped to organize my meal planning/ prepping and facilitated healthier eating, it has also inspired me to organize my life and time better. I love all the tips and tricks and printables. Thank you so much!"
-Regina E.

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SHK VS. other meal plan memberships

Includes Printable Recipes & Shopping List
New Prepear Meal Plans Each Week
Mobile Friendly
Personal Recipe Box to Store Favorite Recipes
Recipes & Meal Plans Created by an Expert Dietitian for Optimal Nutrition
Seasonal Fruits & Veggies in Every Meal
Nutrition Data Analyzed for Every Recipe Including Protein, Fat, Carbs, & Sugar
Recipes Created with Kids in Mind
Meals Planned for Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, & Dinner
Customizable Plan that Allows for Removing & Replacing Meals
Automated Mobile Friendly Shopping List
Video Support - Weekly Demonstration Showing You How to Prep Your Week's Meals in Less Time
Access to Previous Meal Plans
6 Part Video Training Course "Fast & Fresh Kitchen Success"
30+ Printables to Help You Get Organized in the Kitchen and Save Time

Choose your membership

Basic Membership


Basic Membership Includes:
  • Easy, kid-friendly meal plans for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks.
  • 4,351 healthful recipes developed by registered dietitians, with posted Nutrition Data.
  • Click-to-customize options that let you swap family favorite meals into your plan.
  • Personalized weekly shopping lists and meal prep videos that save you tons of time.
Premium Membership
$15 / mo.
Save 45%


Basic Membership + $755 in BONUSES
  • 6-part family meal success video course ($300 Value)
  • 30 fun, colorful and exclusive Printables ($300 Value)
  • Interview with Carol Tuttle on feeding strategies for your unique kids ($50 Value)
  • 7 months of Membership free ($105 Value)
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If I like my Basic Membership can I upgrade to the Premium Membership?

As you are a current member you will need to upgrade your membership through the “My Account” page on our website.  To upgrade…

1. Login to our website
2. You will be directed to your “dashboard” (if you are already logged in, go to “members” and then click “my account” from the drop down) and click the “my account” link along the top
3. Click “Subscriptions”
4. Click the “view” button next to your current subscription
5. click “switch subscription” and choose the every year premium.
When you checkout, it will actually NOT charge your any money at this point.  You will be charged when your current subscription expires (so if you are on our monthly plan it will charge you within a month).  You will have access to all of the premium content right away though!
What ages are the meal plans intended for?

Our meal plans are specifically designed with the whole family in mind.  We believe that the entire family can eat all the same meals.  This approach helps develop a taste for healthy food in even the youngest children and creates healthy habits that will make your Super Healthy Kids into Super Healthy Adults! Teenagers and toddlers can eat the same foods as mom and dad, so we create our plans with that in mind.

I’ve been busy and missed some weeks. Now they are gone! Where can I find old plans I missed?

Simply click on the Meal Plan Archives page. You will have options to click on the member version of all the plans you missed. Check out our video for more.

Click here to watch a tutorial!

Does the meal plan include all new meals every week?

We take into account our members feedback and re-use some of the best recipes, especially for snacks and breakfast. Most of the recipes are new each week, so there is plenty of variety and fresh ideas. We actually cook and eat every single recipe before it goes into the meal plan so we know they’re going to be delicious!

Do your meal plans work for kids with allergies, gluten intolerance, or special dietary needs?

Our dietitians write each weekly meal plan focused on getting your kids all the fruits and veggies they need for optimum health. We have a huge library of delicious allergy free & gluten free recipes that you can easily swap out in place of the recipes that don’t meet your allergy or dietary restrictions. Just search through the recipe database and add your favorite allergy free recipes to your recipe box, they when you’re looking at your weekly meal plan if there are any recipes that won’t work for your family’s dietary restrictions it takes no time at all to customize the meal plan to work for you!

Where is my grocery list and how do I use it?

There is a grocery tab at the bottom of each meal plan, related to the meal plan you have open on your desktop or phone. As you modify your meal plan, the grocery list is updated to reflect the new meals.

click here to check out our video on using the grocery list

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