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Learn Cooking Skills at the Salt Lake Culinary Center


We learned so much (and had fun too) at the Salt Lake Culinary Center!

Natalie and I were able to attend a cooking class last night at the Salt Lake Culinary Center.  Although it was technically “date night”, we really wanted this specific class because of the menu!  While eclairs and cream puffs were tempting,  I am ALWAYS looking for new ways to prepare and serve vegetables.  And I learned a few tricks that I never knew before! I wasn’t disappointed by this class!  We learned how to prepare and make:

Smoked Gazpacho

Pork Tenderloins with Plums

Baby Sour Cream and Herb Muffins

Zoodles with Garlic and Parmesan

And for dessert, Peach Galette

The first new technique we learned that I had never done before was roasting a red pepper.  I always buy the jarred roasted peppers already done for me. I hadn’t even considered I could do it myself.  We put the red bell pepper straight on a flame, until it was blackened all the way around the pepper.

After the pepper turned black, we sealed it into a zip top bag to steam while we prepped the other items on the menu.  After it was properly steamed, perhaps 45 minutes or more), then we took it out of the bag and wiped the blackened part off the skin, and it was a perfectly roasted pepper! Delicious!  We later used this fr our gazpacho.

Another thing we learned was how wonderful it was to cook, when everything was prepped for you! haha!  I need a professional prepper to come to my house (and I’ll take the dishwasher as well!). Everything we needed was nicely measured out and separated on different trays by recipe.  We did the chopping, and the herb stripping ourselves.

We also learned the safest and most efficient way for holding a knife.   It was tempting not to place your pointer finger along the top of the blade, but instead, you should be pinching both sides of the blade at the top of the handle.

Another lesson: Getting rid of excess moisture from zucchini.  My favorite dish of all, the ZOODLES!! I’m definitely a Huge fan of them.  One thing she had us do to remove excess moisture, was after we spiralized them, we set them in a colander and sprinkled salt over it.  They were able to drip off the excess moisture all on their own.

Then, all we did was pan fry them in some oil, and then sprinkle with Parmesan cheese! So simple, but so very delicious!

We also made muffins, the Pork, we smoked tomatoes and made the gazpacho.  Not only did we learn so much, but we had a blast getting to know the other students and our chef! Such a fun place to take a date, or even take your kids!

And our final dinner!

For kids, The Salt Lake Culinary Center has birthday parties, summer camps, and ongoing kids classes. Check their calendar for the full line up of classes and to sign up here.

You can connect with the Salt Lake Culinary Center :

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Disclosure statement: This post is not sponsored, but we were able to experience the class at no charge.

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Thank you for joining “Date Night”!!! I had so much fun meeting you and getting to know you! You are terrific examples for all kids and parents to create delicious, healthy meals for the entire family!