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Raising an Athlete {Plus New Meal Plan}

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Yesterday, I had the great privilege of meeting

Loreane Tomlinson

, mother to NFL MVP

LaDainian Tomlinson

.  I love her perspective on raising an athlete, as she has been successful at raising one herself. Loreane was a single mom, working one or even two jobs. However, she always found a way to support her son when he needed her.  Often, the only thing she could give him was faith and a lot of love.   She did not know she was raising an athlete, but she saw the passion in him to play ball, and she got behind him 100%. 


has launched a new campaign about Sports moms that I find super inspiring.  Loreane’s video (which makes me cry) is here:

Gatorade Moms Videos – Real Stories about being a Sports Mom



We also got to meet Brandi Chastain, world cup soccer champion from 1999! Brandi is doing amazing things helping young athletes today.  She had a few messages that I thought were great to share:

  • What kids put in their body will do more for performance than any expensive shoes or equipment.
  • We must be role models for our children.  Her son, after seeing her workout so much mentioned how mom’s are stronger than dads! (cute, right?)
  • When questioned about how to help a child improve their soccer skills, she responded with having the child develop a relationship with the ball.  Her own father didn’t know how to play soccer, yet he is the one that taught her.  They would just hang out with the ball. Holding it, passing it, kicking it, bouncing it, etc.  She has an actual “relationship” with the ball.   I LOVE THAT!
Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera when I met those amazing ladies, but I wised up and brought a camera for a workout with Bob Harper!!
bob and me
Lastly, I’ll leave you with our menu for next week.  I am finally going to be home long enough to make these meals. I’m so excited that I have no where to go for the next month.


Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner
Monday Power Puff Pancakes Whole wheat

wrap with


spread and

Hard boiled

eggs and a

Asian Chicken Slaw from Oh Sweet Basil
Tuesday Strawberries

and milk

Cold Pasta

salad with


and olives

cheese and

Creamy Fusilli with vegetables
Wednesday Strawberry smoothies Whole wheat



celery and



cow cheese

on baby

Pesto Pecan Chicken  with green beans and corn
Thursday Scrambled

eggs in Pita

pocket and


Butter and



Trail Mix Salad Bar
Friday French Toast

with whole

wheat bread

and berries


apple, low

fat milk
Banana Roll-ups Turkey burgers

and homemade


**I do have a printable version of this menu plan on the archives page.

More Blogher conference pictures:

DSC_0863 DSC_0861
DSC_0847 DSC_0849

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