Canned Pineapple


This afternoon I stumbled on ketchup boy peeling open a can of pineapple with a fork.  Flip-flopper got a cut on her wrist just the other day for attempting the same thing.  First he took off the label. He must have assumed that was part of opening it. Then with the fork under the pull tab he pulled up and started sawing his fork under the lid to pry it open.  Can’t yell at the kid for trying to eat something healthy.

Canned fruit can be part of a healthy diet.  Make sure it’s canned in it’s own juice and not added sugars and you have a great source of vitamins and nutrients.  Plus canned fruit is available year round and you can keep in your food storage for a very long time.

I got risky and cooked it up with our BBQ chicken (very quick meal idea).  It was received surprisingly well.  The boys liked it, the flip-flopper didn’t.  They tried it though and that was all I asked.


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Doesn’t sound like my taste in foods (bbq with pineapple…)…well the bbq part anyhoo. But we like pineapple a lot too. We’ve been buying loads of canned and frozen stuff to make L’s baby food 🙂

Yum, that looks good. Shishkebabs would be fun, too! I think there’s canned pineapple at the Smith’s caselot sale this week.

i like canned pineapple as well, but I LOVE fresh pineapple when I can get it. there is noting that compares to the real thing!

No BBQ Ashley? You really are missing out. It’s the best way to eat chicken. Canned and frozen fruits and veggies is the quickest way to make baby food. No washing or chopping. Perfect. Emily, I’ve never been able to put shishkebobs on a BBQ, my sticks always burn, any tricks? Yes fresh pineapple is so divine! I don’t like to cut it, but if someone will do it for me, I prefer it that way too.

Maybe you could just cook the chicken and pineapple like you always do, and then put it on the sticks afterwards. But that’s a lot of work to give your kids something they already like, plus you have to take it off the stick for them or somebody’s sure to poke an eye out. Hmmmmm. . . I just love the grilled pineapple at Tucano’s- so I thought a shishkebab would taste like theirs.

Sounds great Paul. There are a lot of fruits I put on my salads like mandarin oranges, apples, berries, but I have yet to try pineapple. I think I will today!