September 26, 2011 | Home >In the News >Peach Popsicles
Peach Popsicles
September 26, 2011 | Home >In the News >Peach Popsicles

Peach Popsicles

As of Saturday, our box of peaches we started the week with were simply no longer edible, according to my kids.  Of course, we wouldn’t throw out the mushy peaches.  Instead, I did what any mom who doesn’t want to waste food would do, I juiced the rest of the peaches.  Some of the juice I put in an ice cube tray, and I’m not sure what I’ll use those for yet. The rest of the juice, I poured into a popsicle mold for an after school treat.

I asked my kids how they tasted.  Their reply, “Like frozen peach juice.”

peach juice pineapple

Why are peaches good for your kids?  They are packed with vitamin A, potassium, vitamin c and even calcium!

eating a peach popsicle peach popsicles

And that’s all the peaches we have.  We’re ready for more mom!! (wink, wink)

peach posicles3

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We do these a lot!! The ones you put in and ice cube tray, just use in a nice glass of water to give it a little flavor!! Good way to get the kids to drink there water!

Mandy says:

These look amazing!! I have always been a huge fan of peaches and what better way to get my little one to eat them as well. Great blog!!

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