December 28, 2013 | Home >In the News >Healthier Kids in 2014
Healthier Kids in 2014
December 28, 2013 | Home >In the News >Healthier Kids in 2014

Healthier Kids in 2014

I love the new year and goal setting! I’ve made so many over the years, with some that work, and some that don’t stick quite so well.   Whether my new healthy ideals become habits for our family or not, I find it refreshing to try. I find it exciting to start over, and motivating to think about all the good things I want for my little family.  Although it’s not New Years Day until Wednesday, we are starting our resolutions tomorrow!  So, Happy New Year!

Sometimes when I try to set too many high and lofty goals, I can have the best of intentions, but my kids will resist.  That is why when it comes to things that affect my family, I keep it simple and fun!  When I do, there is not only less complaining, less resistance, less whining, and sometimes, it goes unnoticed as a change, but rather starts to become part of our normal routine.  Creating new habits takes

I’ve been thinking about these goals for a long time and the following 5 things I’ve decided are the most important to not only me and my family, but they can have a big impact on their health.

My Here are my 2014 top goals.

  1. More family dinners eaten together!  

  2. Eat Fruits and vegetables at every meal.  

  3. Less added sugar in our house

  4. Eat 4 servings of vegetables per day.  

  5. Take the kids for an outside activity at least one day a week.

And that’s it!  What are your goals for the new year?

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Amy Roskelley

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I’ve always preached that a family should eat healthier together. Start your kids at a younger age, and maybe they’ll love the change.

Jim Thomas says:

Family dinners are helpful in so many ways. It’s better communication with your children, you can eat healthier together, and it builds great relationships.

Uday Kakroo says:

Eating healthy is really important for children as well as adults. The reason behind it are obvious. For a detailed look have a look at our small research on this topic

Tony Dalton says:

These are great tips that will not only improve kids’ health, but adults, too! It’s so important to model great fitness and eating habits.

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