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Garden Variety Pizza: Peas and Cheese

  • Homemade pizza crust (it took less than an hour. Super easy)
  • Tomato paste with herbs and spices (I have a pizza spice jar)
  • Peas
  • Mozzarella
  • fresh tomato
  • Baby spinach leaves.

The key for picky eaters, is to not pile many veggies on at once.  It’s too overwhelming, even for me.  Just start with peas and cheese, and you can add more vegetables from there.  The key is to get them on there!

As you’ll notice with the baby spinach, there is barely any on the pizza.  Not even enough to give them any detectable nutrients.  But the point is to get them used to having the vegetables on their plate, whether it’s a tiny amount, or a lot, to be consistent.peas and pizza peas and pizza 2


Other vegetable combinations we like:

  • artichoke, tomatoes, and white beans
  • Broccoli slaw (just that)
  • Salsa, lettuce, tomato and olives

Do your kids have a favorite vegetable topping on their pizza?

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We slice zucchini and yellow squash on the mandolin and cover the bottom of the whole pizza with it. We also grate carrots (on the small side of the grater) and sprinkle it on like cheese. Blends in really well if you use some cheddar or colby jack cheese. We also really like bell peppers and onions…but some people (me) like them better than others.

About the pizza crust – do you think you could freeze it after the first 5min in the oven? As for veggies on pizza – my kids LOVE olives on pizza, and different coloured peppers too 🙂

These look like so much fun. Fresh and Easy (if you have one close by) has refrigerator pizza dough. Traditional and whole wheat. Both yummy and super easy.