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As I mentioned in the comments in my last post, we don’t generally prepare the lunches on the menu I post each week.  My kids almost always have a sandwich for lunch, unless they are home.  Those lunches are ideas only.  I do however stick with my dinner plan, and I always have the snacks available.

So, in honor of the plan, we did have Chicken noodle soup last night.  I used this recipe, because she put spinach in it.  It was soo, sooo, soo good!!!


Veggie cheese toast!


In less than 5 minutes, I shredded some carrots, shredded the stem of some broccoli, and sprinkled a tiny bit of colby jack cheese on some whole wheat bread.  Put it under broil in the oven for a minute or two, and ate!  It was great!  You can also try it with parmesan cheese, and I think it would be good too.  This is what I ate for lunch. I did not send this to school with the kids.

Other finger food appropriate for lunch:

  • Homemade chicken nuggets with homemade fries.
  • Mini pizza’s on English muffin
  • Hard Boiled eggs
  • Skewered fruit and cheese, or lean meat and cheese… or olives and cheese.
  • A healthier version of Lunchables!  Let them assemble their own circle of pita bread, circle of lean meat, and a circle of a tomato.
  • Vegetable Pinwheels.
  • Burritos.

Any finger foods your kids will ea english muffin pizza t for lunch?

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making a bechamel for mac and chseee is not always the best option.unless the bechamel is made well and the amount of suitable textured chseee is added correctly, it ends up gluggy and solid.frankly, its reputation for an instant meal is puzzling . a good cheesy molten macaroni often takes quite a bit of work.