November 7, 2008 | Home >Healthy Kids >More Fiber Please!
More Fiber Please!
November 7, 2008 | Home >Healthy Kids >More Fiber Please!

More Fiber Please!

Does it make you crazy when your kids try and talk to you, WHILE they are going to the bathroom?  Here is a conversation I had with Ketchup boy just the other day:

Ketchup boy (on the toilet):  MOM!! He yells from the bathroom.

Me: What do you need?

Ketchup boy:  It’s not coming out!

Me: Oh dear! Looks like you should be eating more fiber.

Ketchup boy: What’s fiber?

Me: Fiber helps you to go to the bathroom more easily.

Ketchup boy: OK, can you bring me some of that then.

Me: laughing.  You need to get off the toilet, come eat some apples or some oatmeal, and then LATER it will help you go to the bathroom.

Ketchup boy: I can’t get off the toilet, it’s Half-way out.  Just bring me some fiber right now!

According to Dave Grotto (the Dietician from Quaker), kids need 14 grams of fiber per 1000 calories.  Or an easier formula is their age plus 5.  So ketchup boy needs 10 grams of fiber.  Oatmeal has 4.  And another cool thing I didn’t realize is that oats have BOTH soluble and insoluble fiber.

Here are some other great sources of fiber from another post:

  • Red kidney beans, 1 cup 14 Grams~!!! Best ever!
  • 1 cup whole wheat noodles, 6 grams
  • Popcorn 2 cups, 2 grams
  • brown rice, 1 cup 3.5 grams
  • apple, pear, broccoli, 1 cup, 4-5 grams
  • Whole wheat bread 2-4 grams average per slice.

I get on the plane this afternoon, and plan to post tonight after I meet up with Quaker and other bloggers for dinner.  So stay tuned for all the up to the minute fun!

apple and applesauce
written by
Amy Roskelley

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Cortni says:

Oh my gosh that had me ROLLING!!! That is hilarious! Thanks for the info about fiber!

I think I have been laughing STRAIGHT for the last five minutes!!!!!!! That sounds exactly like something that would go on at my house. Oh my goodness – you are one silly lady for posting this. Thanks for the fabulous start to my day. And have a good time in Chicago!

Mark says:

Funny! Thank you for sharing!

angee says:

Thanx for this. We’re having major problems with this at our house right now. UGH!!! I tried sneaking some kidney beans into spaghetti the other night–mashed ’em up and put ’em in. My husband had no clue. My son?! He noticed right away and wouldn’t eat it after that. “Yugh. There’s beans in here, Mom.” How the heck?! I think I may try the popcorn route for awhile. I forgot about that being a good source of fiber. Thanx again! Have a good trip!

cathy says:

Written as only a mom could! SO funny! Have fun in Chicago!

eliece says:

Nathan,oops I mean ketchup boy, is going to have to have therapy now when he grows up and has strange feelings that people are staring at him while he goes to the bathroom!

Susan says:

That was so funny, we’re still laughing. Thanks for a great post. Have a wonderful time in Chicago.

Elsa says:

Oh my! You are so good! I almost fell of my chair! I will take your suggestion and use it!

Leanne says:

I just bought some ground flaxseed. My daughter is only 20 months, but I plan on getting her accustomed to the taste in her cereal, oatmeals and whatever else I decide to sprinkle it onto! I’m excited to start using it! I added it to my Special K this morning, and as Bella would say, it was “nummies”!

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