Our Favorite Things Giveaway


We were so excited to be asked to participate in a popular Favorite Things Giveaway!  Not only to be able to share 30 awesome prizes to 30 people, but also to give you ideas for holiday shopping and to use this as a gift guide! Scroll below to see the prizes, and hop to each site to enter their giveaway for a chance to win!

We were given the task of creating a giveaway on our own blog with our favorite things.   It’s hard to narrow down our favorite things!  However, Natalie and I are REALLY digging into kitchen organization right now.   When your fridge and pantry is organized, it’s so much more rewarding and stress free to cook healthier food.   Having a clean and organized kitchen helps you to stay on top of your day and helps you and your kids to notice what healthy options there are for them.   So, in order to help you get your fridge and pantry organized the way we like to organize, we are giving away $50 worth of the containers we use in our kitchen!  These simple baskets from Target is all you need to keep for healthy snacks to be seen AND eaten by your kids (and you!).   The clear, see-through containers are terrific to urge and inspire healthy habits.

We’ve teamed up with 29 bloggers and we are all sharing some of our favorite things right now, and each of us will select a lucky winner! What you need to do is make sure you HOP to each of our sites to enter to win the giveaway on each site. Yes, that’s 30 in all, but you’ve got a week to do it…plenty of time! While you are there, we challenge you to click around to see what they have to share, you may just love them as much as we do!

Favorite Things Giveaway 2017

Now, here is the HOP! Click on the links below to enter each of the prizes. Somedays within the first few hours, the direct link can get broken, if that happens, click on the home page of that site to find the post or go back shortly. Giveaway ends Thursday, November 9th at midnight, so make sure you enter each of the 30 prizes.

Now, time to enter MY gift!  There are two types of containers we use that are inexpensive and serve ALL our needs. We love that you can see in and through these.  We love that they don’t have a lid, so you can easily access, or pile high your snacks.

So, we bought $50 worth of these containers for our giveaway. We have:

  • 2 Clear Pantry and  Fridge Kitchen organizers ( 6.94 in w X 14.5 in D X 4 in H)
  • 1 clear Cabinet and Fridge Kitchen Organizer (4.44 in W 10.5 in D X 4 in H)
  • 1 clear Cabinet and Fridge Kitchen Organizer (8.94 in W 10.5 in D X 4 in H)
  • 1 White storage basket (9 13/16 in L 7 15/32 in W X 3 29/32 in H)
  • 1 White storage basket (13 11/16 in L X 11 5/32 in W X 5 3/32 in H)



Favorite Things Giveaway
written by
Amy Roskelley

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Keri Arrington says:

My feet would be so excited to win a pair of Tieks! I️ mostly wear flats (plus i’m Super flat footed) and i’m Always on the lookout for a comfortable pair of flats.

Meghan says:

Gift cards! =D

I would love an Amazon Echo! That would be so fun to win. I need these containers too!

Leah Thier says:

I would love to win the prize pack that A Girl and a Glue Gun has!

Sandy Ross says:

Thanks for the chance to win

Sabrina H says:

Kindle fire would be perfect. My pantry and fridge need organization so this one would make my heart happy as well.

Melissa Mitchell says:

Hi, Amy! I must say that I am very interested in winning the Tieks Ballet slippers. They sound heavenly for my achy feet. I am also a collector of Alex & Ani bracelets. Your containers also seem like a huge time saver for my family.

I thank you ladies for the opportunity,

Tawni says:

Yours and Becky Higgins!! but really there are so many fun things, I wouldn’t mind winning any of them!

Crystal says:

Tieks credit 🙂

michaela hoenigman says:

Organizing is my love language, so yours!

lisa parsons says:

I would love to win these containers. Thanks.

Kim says:

I would love to win these fridge organizers and also the Tieks!

Marcia Sue Clever says:

Most excited about the clear pantry organizers. I am an organizing freak!

Ivonne Walters says:

Yay!!! My fave store Dollar Tree! Love it!

becky says:

There are SO many wonderful prizes it is pretty much impossible to choose! I would be happy to receive any of them!!

Kristie Behunin says:

I love the amazon echo. But I love the organizing boxes.

Kandyce Keller says:

I think all of them are super fun, but one thing that I have been wanting to buy and try and TIEKS so this will be a good opportunity to possibly win some.

Vanessa says:

I would love to win the grey dress and photography books from Kristen Duke!

Ashlee says:

Honestly I don’t know if I could pick just one! I would love to win the echo from Yellow Bliss Road though!

Kristin says:


Lacey says:

Loving the blush Fawn bag and the boxwood wreath!

Jen Houk says:

Staying organized is the only thing that keeps me sane with teenage twins.

Audrey Stewart says:


Karen says:

Everything looks amazing but my favorite is the storage container!

Thanks so much for the chance!

Melissa says:

This is my favourite giveaway—my kids would appreciate the healthy treats 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!

Morgan says:

I love these containers! I would love to win these!

Stephanie Y. says:

The favorite thing I would like to win would be the Carrie Elle planner from The Pinning Mama. However I would be so grateful to win any of the awesome gifts!! Thank you for the giveaway!

Jennie Richards says:

Way to hard to decide!!!! Anything kitchen or wrapping related maybe!

Skye says:

I am starting to organize my kitchen as it seems to be a disaster and want it done for the holidays. These look great. Some good ideas here.

Jenny M says:

I LOVE the prize pack Giggles Galore put together – my favorite color and that lightbox is such fun! I’m also a superfan of any Amazon devices so the opportunities from Yellow Bliss Road, Pumpkin & a Princess and Over the Big Moon are exciting!

Kim Hawkins says:

I love the containers!!

KRMathison says:

I NEED these containers in my life!

Leslie Syme says:

I’m would be excited to try Becky Higgins stone wrap! But it is a hard choice with so many fun prizes!

Rosie H says:

Oh my gosh, how do you choose?? Would be thankful to win any of it.

beverly e says:

The Tieks! Thanks for the giveaway!

Caroline says:

Tieks or Becky Higgins wrapping paper?

Lynne B says:

I’d love to try the Tieks!

Lynda Thomas says:

I would most want to win the prize on Bombshell Bling’s page or yours! I’ve always been jealous of all the awesome organized fridges on Pinterest and I just never seem to be able to find these awesome organizers!

Teresa B says:

The TIEKS ballet flats!

Cheryl says:

I’d Love to win the tieks!

deena s says:

Honestly, I would be very excited to win the Amazon Kindle — as my has recently been broken. Your prizes are lovely too!

Brittney says:

I love all of Lil Lunas!!

Katrina Brockavich says:

As fun as it would be to win a tieks gift card, I would use the fridge organizers so much more!

Brittney says:

Excited about all of LilLuna’s favorites!!

Cheryl says:

I’d be happy with any of the items! Its just so fun to win anything!

Krystal Wolf says:

Any of these items would be awesome…who doesnt love pampering…ahhhh!

Ali says:

This giveaway is my favorite!! I am a sucker for anything to help me organize 🙂

Erika says:

These would be awesome in my fridge and help everything be organized!

Nicole says:

I’d probably most like to win the grey ruffle sleeve dress on Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke. I really need some new clothes!

Erin Johnson says:

I could really use a more organized fridge! And I would love to win Lil Luna’s loot!

Angela Karren says:

The Tieks!

Rhonda says:

All of these giveaways are so fun and offer so much gift-giving inspiration. But if I could only pick one favorite I would have to go with the Amazon package which includes the Firestick and Echo Dot. Thanks for the opportunity to win! 🙂

Sandy C says:

The containers would be great, as we just remodeled our kitchen, and these would be great to keep me organized.

Brittani says:

I’ve been needing to organize my fridge for awhile, would love to win!!

Ingrid Babel says:

Love theidearoom and the pinningmama give away 🙂 Nice shoes!

Claudia B says:

Well I NEED some containers so I would love to win your giveaway, but I hope to win some tech products as well 🙂 Anything from Amazon would be nice or a gift card too 🙂

Amy Chase says:

I think my kids would eat healthier if their healthy snacks were displayed so perfectly.

Lindsey Tanberg says:

My favorite thing that I’d love to win is the Tieks ballet flats. Thank you for graciously sharing the organization baskets with us. We could all use some more order and organization in our lives. Good luck all!

Sarah Coleman says:

I’ve always been interested in Tieks but can’t afford to buy them, so that’s the one I’m hoping for from the Pinning Mama! But I’ve heard great things about these fridge containers!

Erika says:

the number 30 because I just started to learn hand lettering ^ ^

Kendra says:

One of the baking ones, the Kindle Fire, or yours! I’ve been wanting containers for my fridge!

Carly park says:

I would love to win any of these things!

Ashley says:

I’d love to try tieks!

Leah Jackson says:

The lunchtime organizers would be great with my kiddos…

Carol Claremont says:

We are in the middle of deep cleaning, organizing, and getting rid of things we no longer use or wear. These containers would be so perfect!

Shannon says:

The Tombow pens from Somewhat Simple have been on my wish list forever!!

Heidi says:

I would love to win giggles galore hosting and entertaining favorite things. And if I won I would throw a party!

Tricia Reeder says:

I would love the Becky Higgins wrapping paper!

ai says:

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

I’m obsessed!!

Melanie says:

Love the tiers and really like your organizers.

Erica Bera says:

the Tieks. I’ve heard they are amazing, but there is no way I’d spend that much!

Bethany Martin says:

I would love to win the Tieks from The Idea Room. Although any of them look great!

chrissa campbell says:

Happy Holidays! It was so great to stumble across these giveaways and see people getting together to do something so nice. It picked me up today, to think about all the neat things being given away, especially the Amazon Kindle Fire! 😀

Carl Langford, Jr. says:

I am excited about the Becky Higgins giveaway because it contains some new items that I’ve been wanting to checkout. Love yours though too because I love organizing!

Tracy Pastorak says:

The stone wrap from Becky Higgins is amazing, but there are so many great things I haven’t tried, it’s hard to pick! (Also, I was literally talking about getting containers to organize the kiddos snacks in our fridge yesterday. This must be a sign I need to get on that task! )

JenniferL says:

I am most excited about the Tieks shoes, I have been wanting to try those but am too cheap to buy any. 😉

Anabel says:

I have two toddlers at hone and would love to win organizers!
Thanks for the opportunity.

Licia says:

I am most excited to win the Tieks or any gift card.

Betsy says:

Excited to win your prize. I️ can always use containers!!

Nicole G says:

I am most excited to win the giveaway by Over The Big Moon: Amazon Echo, Fire TV Stick & an Amazon gift card. I love Amazon!!! Thx for the chance.

Erica W says:

I LOVE I heart nap times wreath and target gift card

Katie Roose says:

I haven’t gone through them all, but kitchen gadgets and organizational supplies are my favorite. So I’m pretty excited about THIS giveaway because it’s BOTH!!!

Tabathia B says:

the kindle fire or the echo

Sarah Oswald says:

I’m most excited to win A Pumpkin and A Princess giveaway because I would love to win a Kindle but I would be excited to win any of them thanks for the chance to win.

Mary Gardner says:

I would be thrilled to win any of the giveaways but I really do especially like the Amazon Echo.

Sandra Strickler says:

What an incentive to set up meals and snacks!

Rachell says:

I would love to win one of the pairs of Tieks. I’ve heard they are so comfortable, but I’ve never tried them on. I don’t think I could spend that much money on a pair of shoes for me, but I’d love to win them!

amanda whitley says:

i honestly love them all and can’t pick a favorite of the favorites :p

Viva says:

Target or Amazon giftcards : )

Desiree says:

Awesome giveaway!

I would love to win one of the cameras.

elizabeth miller says:

this is a super hard choice but I guess i would have to go with the instastax camera because my daughter got one last year and it just stopped working. She loved it to death and has it on her list again this year. Being the mom I am, I’ll go with something for her first.

Brenda says:

I would love to win yours and get the kitchen organization containers, but pampering myself with the items in Fun Squared’s giveaway sounds wonderful

jennifer says:

i would love the chocolate from bombshell bling

I’m so ecstatic for the Amazon Echo!

Mel Walker says:

It is so hard to say I would so very many of any of these items!! I would love to try the teekos shoes as I always here about them but do not want to spend the money but honestly I would be happy with anything!

Cynthia R says:

I noticed some blogs are giving away amazon echos. That would be really nice!

Robin says:

I really want a pair of Tieks. I’ve been looking at these for a couple of years and haven’t gotten a pair yet. The cost is just more than I have ever paid for a pair of shoes.

Melissa Morse says:

There are so many amazing prizes that I’d be so grateful for! I would LOVE a pair of Tieks (I’ve had my eye on them for years but just can’t justify the cost!) or the fridge organizers or an Instax camera.
This is the best giveaway!

adriana says:

The amazon products and the baking sheets.

kesha says:

I love so many of the favorite things! Any giftcards are always nice!

Alison says:

Thanks for making it so easy to enter your giveaway! I’m most excited to win a letter board.

Karyn says:

The Tieks or the Fawn bag.

Kelly M says:

I would love to win the Target GC!

Breanna Pollard says:


Lisa Martin says:

I like all of them so I would be thrilled to win any.

Kim H says:

I like them all! I think I like Kristin Duke or Bombshell Bling, or any of the ones with the Tieks shoes the best.

Tiffiny says:

I would love to win the little camera.

Bridget Heiple Reich says:

I really want to win #12 or #24! 🙂 And yours of course, because I love to be organized! 🙂

Meagan Tang says:

I want the cabinet and kitchen organizers ! They would be so helpful! Thanks

Maryann says:

Would love to win the amazon Echo from Somewhat Simple

Melissa says:

I need this in my life !!!!

Jennifer Coltrane says:

Any of them would be awesome!

Sabine says:

I would like to win Amazon gift card.. and chocolates! 😀

Ceci says:

My fridge could use some organization. These look great!

Sarah E says:

I need more organization!

Lindsey Fellars says:

The Amazon Echo

I am LOVING these organizing containers! I have been eyeballing these for quite some time….I would LOVE to win these!

Christa says:

It’s on my to-do list to organize my fridge better before the holidays! I would love to win this prize! Otherwise, I’ll probably end up buying them soon! 🙂 I love your posts and recipes, Super Healthy Kids! I have you listed as “See First” on Facebook so I don’t miss your awesome posts. <3

Thank you so much Christa!! You totally made my day!

Sarah says:

I’m excited about your prize because my family and I will be moving in December. These would be great to help us organize! We are currently living with my family. I’m also excited about the Amazon bundle from Over the Big Moon!

Michelle Ward says:

I’m most excited about the $50 amazon gift card with the amazon echo and the amazon fire stick.

Cassidy says:

I would be most excited to win the Echo!

Alicia says:

I am definitely most excited about this one because I need some organization in my life!

Kristen says:

pretty excited about a chance to win an Echo!

Renae L says:

I would love to win the Emma makeup or the essential oil diffuser.

Jennifer Kibbon says:

Tieks gift card!

Athena R says:

I would love to win a Target gift card from I Heart Naptime’s giveaway.

Cherie says:

organizing!! fun fun

Michelle Riebeek says:

tatertots and jello

jenny clough says:

Storage containers!

Ty says:

I’m most excited about the entertainers/hostess gift set from giggles galore.

Pamela Herman says:

I love them all but I would really love to win the Tieks!

Lauren says:

I want to win an Amazon Echo.

Debbie says:

Although I love the containers, I have to say the Tieks. Desperate need of a good pair of comfy shoes.

Kristin poch says:

Need these storage organizers! Thanks ?

Sabine says:

As I can’t choose from all gifts that are really awesome, I would love to get Amazon giftcard – so I can slowly choose what to get. 🙂

Linda says:

I’m excited to win Pretty Providence’s prize package.

Jennifer L says:

So cool. Just think how organized I could get.

Elizabeth C says:

I’m most excited about the tieks

Sarka says:

No. 15 or the gift cards

Heather B says:

I would LOVE the Amazon giftcards! I could get exactly what my children want for the holidays.

kim campbell says:

love the hostess gifts on giggles and galore!

Amy C says:

I would be super happy to win any of them…..but I’ve got my fingers crossed the Tieks. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Lynn says:

Cupcake diaries

Ashley R says:

They are all pretty awesome. I do love nice organizing containers though…I tend to just reuse random containers to organize things in.

Deborah W. says:

I love the Amazon Echo but they are all amazing, different prizes.

delia says:

The amazon themed one is most impressive, but I’d be happy to win any one of them. All the prizes are great!

Sarah L says:

I want the Amazon Echo the most.
Thanks for the contest.

Lynsey Williams says:

I really want to win a pair of Tieks! I am a teacher on my feet on tile all day and would love to know if they are worth the hype.

Beth Jennings says:

I love the giveaway.

Beth Jennings says:

I love the giveaway.

Shannon says:

I would love to win yours the most!

Maria Miller says:

Out of the 30 bloggers, I’m most excited to win #7: Lil Luna’s favorite things.

Diane Tompkins says:

I have looked at all these and I love them all.
So the one that I like and could use the most is R We there yet mom #26. We all could use the containers for the refrigerator ,that sure would be nice. Thank you for a chance to win.

Destiny says:

I love the giveaways that have letter boards.

Emily C says:

I’d truly be overjoyed with any of the prizes, but my favorite two would be yours or the Idea Room’s. I love these containers- my friend uses them to organize her fridge/pantry, and it looks so beautiful! I’ve also always been curious about Tieks… maybe they’d be comfy enough for my tired pregnant feet!

Toni Powell says:

I’ve just started organizing my home and my kitchen is next so I would love to win these bins for my fridge and I’d also love to win the echo 🙂

Erika P. says:

I’m excited about the Amazon Echo prize

Melissa says:

I honestly love them all, I can’t decide!!

Stephanie Shipley says:

I am most excited about the one with $20 Amazon and Target gift card. Those would help a lot with holiday shopping. Plus the other prizes in that giveaway were great too!

Shanelle Lee says:

I would like the Fire Stick because my husband wants one so badly!

terri baker says:

I dont even think I could choose just one prize!!!

Laurie Brinson says:

Tiek Shoes

Terry says:

I have to say that all of these giveaways have some great favorite things and would love any of them. However, I would love to win an Amazon Dot.

Heather says:

The Tieks

Jodi Burgett says:

I would love to win any of them! But the storage containers would help me be more organized!

Sarah says:

I love your giveaway! I would love to be more organized and help my two boys be more self-sufficient in their snacking :). I also have my eye on the prize pack from Smashed Peas and Carrots!

Kelli says:

I would love to win the Tieks or the Tieks giftcard!

Jessica Gipson says:

I need help with organization, this is awesome, love this giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity.

Brenda says:

I would most love to win the Tieks shoes. I keep reading how great they are. I would love to see if they work for me.

Brenda says:

I would most love to win the Tieks shoeI keep reading how great they are. I would love to see if they work for me.

Shannon says:

I honestly would be happy to win anything! Thanks!

Simone Thompson says:

I am most excited to win the containers for sure!! Thank you!

Cheryl says:

The Amazon Echo. I’m a techie kinda girl and I think I’d love it!

Tracy Scharf says:

Those containers are great

Porsche says:

I love organization, so yours, and Somewhat Simple’s giveaway. Also Kristen Duke’s Giveaway, and Yellow Bliss Road.

G wasser says:

would loooove to organize my fridge/ cabinets!

Darcy Hoskins says:

I’m excited about the giveaways with Amazon or Target gift cards!

Randi says:

Why this one of course 😉 Or anything with a gift card!

april says:

I think I’m most excited about the Pinning Mama giveaway of a Tieks gift card and Carrie Elle planner.

Allyson Tice says:

i am most excited for the possibility to win the target $50gift card!!

Shirley Thacker says:

Love the see through containers!!!

Shana Elliott says:

All of the contests are awesome but I would really love to win an Alex and Ani bracelet for my daughter 🙂

Kimberlee says:

I would love to win anything! The Tieks are very intriguing 🙂

Whitney B says:

I’m excited about he Maskara, Emma, and LipSense makeup, the brownie pan, gift cards, slow cooker cookbook…and pretty much everything else everyone is offering! Ha

Klair says:

Honestly I’d be pretty stoked to win these organizers

Jessica says:

The tieks shoes gift certificates

Christy Spurlock says:

I love all the giveaways but I love organization and these containers would definitely help getting my kitchen better organized.

Mary Hall says:

Awesome giveaway!

Christine Kennedy says:

The Amazon Echo would be so fun!

Terri J says:

The message boards would be a fun guilty pleasure to own. I’m just too practical.

Joanna says:

Probably the Tieks!

Kaelie says:

I would love to win any of them as I just got my first home and have almost nothing to move in with. I really like all the ones with kitchen items.

Bekah B. says:

I would love to win your organizers to get my fridge in my new home organized!

Dawn Jones says:

Okay on a practical level I really need your prize, because our fridge needs organizing. But on a total non need basis The Idea Room and the Pinning Mama are giving away $150.00 gift card towards Tieks, which would be something I wouldn’t buy for myself.

Katie says:

I’m excited about the cookie sheets and the amazon gift card.

Ali Biorn says:

I have wanted to organize my refrigerator to make lunch packing and after school snacking easier. These items would be perfect!!

Kim Poole says:

Tieks. I’ve been wanting to try them.

Maggie Mosley says:

These containers are awesome I could put each one to use!!

Angela says:

I’d be excited to win anything, but I am especially intrigued by the Tieks.

Cynthia E. says:

I love to organize also!

I’m most excited about getting organized and winning the containers!!!!

Gwendolyn Jordan says:

Love the clear look

Jen M says:

So hard to choose just one, but I’d love to win some Tieks!

Stephanie Grant says:

I’m actually really excited about these containers as a prize, it’s actually my favorite of all 30! I love organizing so these would be perfect to get my fridge in order!

Rebecca b says:

I absolutely need the containers but I would love to give my daughter the Intax camera.

Kaelyn Everham says:

I would be happy with any of them. They are all fantastic.

Tammy says:

All of the prizes are FANTASTIC!!! I’m IN LOVE with these organizational tools. We moved into a new home and had to leave our “new” fridge at the old house 🙁
This fridge is the PITS! One shelf is missing and the other shelves are after market so they don’t quite fit right. Long saga – but – this kind of organization is just what my OCD self needs! Super excited!

Lisalulu says:

ohhhhh the Tieks

Brooke Daniels says:

I think I am most excited to possibly win the Becky Higgins stone wrap!

Sunnie says:

Mine would have to be gift cards that I could use for Christmas shopping!

meredith says:

Count me in! I love all organizing things bc i need all the help i can get!

Irene Roberson says:

Would love to win these containers! What a fabulous way to organize my fridge!

Anita Duvall says:

I would love to have all of the containers! My fridge needs a good steam clean and to be better organized. Thanks!

Trisha says:

I would truly love to win any of it! Everything looks amazing!!

Nicole Ray says:

I like lollyjane’s and yours!

Mary McEwing says:

I’d love to win the tieks! I’ve heard so much about them!

Joy Decker says:

Your giveaway I love to organize and you can’t have to many storage bins

Stacie Humphrey says:

These would be so helpful in organizing for our kitchen .

Rebecca Musser says:

There’s so many good prizes, but I think the one I would be most excited to win is a pair of Tieks!

Sarah H says:

I think I might be posted excited to win this one! It’s so practical and I could use more storage containers 🙂

Chelle Chapman says:

Believe it or not it’s YOURS that I am most excited to win!! I am rearranging my Creativity Room & these bins are EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for!!!! This would be AWESOME!! Thanks being there this year for us Hoppers!!!!

Angela Williams says:

This would be perfect to prep snacks on Sunday for the entire week for my family!

Markie Farmer says:

That is so hard to choose! I’ll go with the maskara makeup bundle

Ashley Woods says:

There are so many great prizes its hard to just pick one because there are many that I’m excited about I love these containers because I really need some organizing help and I love the Amazon gifts.


Super Healthy Kids,,,,,,S/A,,,Containers…Thanks

Crystal Burns says:

So many great things to choose from, how do I pick just one! I think I would love to win the amazon firestick or the tieks.

Deborah says:

Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

Melissa Lynch says:

The Tieks are something that I would never buy for myself but would be awesome to win.

Laura says:

Love your blog! I’m determined to do better by the grandkids.

Shanna Uptergrove says:

I’d be thrilled to win ANY, truth be told. I do love #12 and #19 a lot. You guys are all so generous!!!

Anna brown says:

Any of them would be great to see in the mail there’s nothing better than happy mail and the great ideas .you all have given us for Christmas shopping this year is awesome thank you.. [email protected]

Jill says:

These kitchen organizers would be awesome – I need them! I would also love a pair of Tieks!

Amanda parish says:

I am most excited to win, My name is Snickerdoodle and Eighteen25 favorite things giveaway.

ArlaMo says:

I love the Tieks! I’ve been wanting to try them but wasn’t sure I could afford them. Your organizers are great – I have a couple in my fridge 🙂

Julie Lyon says:

Your refridgerator organizers are pretty nice. I really like the Tieks shoes, never would I spend that much on shoes for myself. but just to win anything would be exciting!

Nicki says:

I’m always excited to try new kitchen items or new beauty products, but I’m probably most excited for the Tieks giveaways – I’ve heard so much about these shoes but can’t afford them, haha.

Karen K. says:

I’d really love to win some Tieks! I just can’t afford to spend that much on shoes, even ones that will last a long time.

Suzanne says:

Pretty hard to choose which of all these I would want to win the most – but I love Target & Amazon – there were some of those gift cards, the Tieks would be nice to try I’ve never tried those,, and i’m a organizer junkie so yours would be great too – love all the giveaways!!

Beth R says:

One of the plannes owould be perfect for the upcoming New year.

MELANie RIvers says:

Your organizers for sure.

wendy says:

All of them look great!

Denise P says:

The Pinning Momma and The Idea Room are both giving away Tieks. I would love to win them.

Hollie says:


Amy Reed says:

I would be ecstatic to win any one of them but I truly love both Kristen Duke’s and Tatertots and Jello the most.

Amber Ferguson says:

Your giveaway!!! Wish I was a good organizer!

Emma says:

I would love to win any of them, but I especially like the one from Lil Luna!

Torri says:

My favorite giveaway item is the Tieks ballet flats!! I’ve always wanted some but could never shell out the $$

Kelly K says:

The clear storage baskets are great!

Ali says:

The Tieks and bracelet.

mollie says:

Seriously?? One?! Sheesh. Your organizers, for sure. Tieks and boxwood wreath!

LOL!! Thanks Mollie! 🙂

Natalia Gonzalez says:

I would love to win this one and the tieks.

the cape on the corner says:

i would most like to try a pair of tieks i travel a lot and would love to add these to my collection. thanks!

Jocelyn G says:

Only one! All of these giveaways are amazing!

Julie W. says:

I am working on getting my house better organized, so I would have to say that I would love these organizers!

Maureen says:

A Target gift card or Amazon card

Sarah says:

I’m started following your blog a week or so ago. Thanks for all your inspiration! I’m on a quest to organize our fridge ??

Cindy says:

I think the Tieks would be the most exciting gift to win because I would never spend that much money on me.
Thanks for the chance to win.

Kristie says:

I visited!!

Joi says:

would love the scarf from Tatertots and Jello

Marie says:

I would love to win the Tieks!

To be completely honest, it would all be amazing but those organizers have my heart! We just got moved in and had so many expenses to get started. Our pantry and bathroom cabinets are lacking shelves to be able to organize and see better and we are more worried about making sure our two girls 3 & 7 months have a few things for Christmas this year!

Melissa Storms says:

Oh my gosh, all of the prize packs are fantastic and I would be happy to win any one of them . I would be most excited to win the prize pack from The Idea Room, I really, really want a pair of Teiks. Comfortable shoes are hard for me to find and they sound wonderful.

Melissa says:

All of the prizes are awesome and amazing!!! My favorite would have to be the Tieks!

Amy S says:

I would be happy with anything I won, but Becky Higgins Stone wrap and Notebooks are at the top of my list 🙂

Lori Dowdy says:

I am excited to win the clear fridge and pantry organizers, they will help to magnify the positive choices for snack.

CrisHoop says:

Great giveaway! Hope I win

Sarah Hayes says:

Id love to have the $150 paypal cash! so many great prizes. thanks for the chance to win

Brooke C says:

I would like to win them all! =)

Erin Chapman says:

I love having an organized fridge because it’s so much easier to see what there is to eat and use up! Those containers look amazing!

Caitie Hannan says:

I think I would be most excited to win the favorite thing package fro Bombshell Bling!

Jennifer Hahn says:

I am super excited to win a pair of Tieks. I have been wanting to try them for the longest time, but can’t bring myself to spend that much money on a pair of flats.

Annie says:

The clear organizers look amazing! I need these!

Tami Davis says:


Amanda says:

I would love the Tieks gift card. I’ve been drooling over their flats for months

Joy says:

Your prize!

Leah says:

I would love to win your giveaway the most! I’m in desperate need of more organization in my life!

garnet stanger says:

Tieks! I have always wanted to try them but haven’t been able to justify the cost.

Trisha says:

I am really excited about Tieks. I’ve wanted to try a pair, but didn’t want to spend the money in case they weren’t worth the hype!

Liddi says:

Of course I’d love these baskets but Over the Big Moon’s Amazon favorites would great too!

Kelley m. says:


Noelle says:

I don’t know if I can pick a favorite. There are too many awesome things!

Mandy R says:

I’m probably most excited about Lil Luna’s cookie sheet. 🙂

Melinda Passon says:

Would love to win! ?

Chris L says:

I am most excited about cupcake diaries giveaway. I could really use some new baking supplies.

Nancy says:

I’d be most excited to win your giveaway for $50 worth of kitchen organizers. My refrigerator needs a makeover!

Dezi A says:

I’d love to win the blush diaper bag (but can just be used as a purse). It’s so pretty!!

Susan Broughton says:

There are several I really like including yours. But I would love to win the Amazon Kindle at A Pumpkin and a Princess.

kelly tupick says:

I like them all but i really like the amazon fire stick the most as this is something i would love to try.

Siddiqa says:

Very good

Stephanie says:

Definitely the Fun Squared basket! Can’t go wrong with any of that stuff!

Michelle says:

The Lil’ Luna package!

Ruth Peterson says:

Thank you for making the entry so easy!

I’m glad you appreciate it Ruth! I like an easy entry too!

Katie says:

I love organization so these containers look perfect!

Pamela Lopour says:

I would love the opportunity to organize my refrigerator! It is something I’ve never been able to do.

Mary says:

I would be excited to win any of the favorite things, they are all incredible!

Lori says:

I would love to win Becky Higgins because I bought the love notebook and “love” it and would like to gift it to other people.

I would love to win yours because I love being organized 🙂

Kathy Davis says:

My favorite thing is the Tieks shoes. I am a shoe person.

Nancy Bowers says:

$150 Amazon would be great for Christmas shopping!

Katy Bastow says:

We are moving soon so I’m hoping to win these fridge/kitchen organizers! But I also the Tieks giveaway on the other sites…I’m dying to try those shoes!

P says:

Amazon echo and anything that helps me get more organized.

Amy C. says:

It’s so hard to choose from all these fabulous giveaways! I really like the ones that include gift cards and the Tieks are great also.

SandyN says:

I love your giveaway because I desperately need to organize my refrigerator and pantry. These would be great!

Nanci Wilson says:

I love your fridge bins since I use them for my craft room organization! 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity to win these goodies

Lisa says:

I LOVE the felt letterboards and these containers! I was just pulling canned goods out of my cabinets for my kid’s school food drive, and was dreaming about the day that I could organize all of my cans by brand!! Right now, I have 2, and they are wonderful!

Kendra says:


Teresa says:

I would really like to win the Tieks shoes- I have wanted to try them for sometime now.

Thank you !

carol clark says:

A $150 gift card to Tieks

Emily Ricketts says:

The Tieks gift card

Gladys says:

I would love to win the organizers from your giveaway! I am a sucker for these and use many of these in my closets.

Barbara Blantn says:

I am actually most excited and hope to win the refrigerator containers. I like the idea of having items for lunches sorted making the start of my day easier 🙂

Lindsy Moore says:

This has been a fun way to see other bloggers! I’m excited to get my fridge organized with the bins.

Carla C says:

I would be most excited to win the echo.

Cindy S. says:

That is a tough choice! I would have to say the polaroid camera. I never print my pictures, so it would be nice to have actual prints. Your giveaway is quite wonderful,too. I am always looking for ways to organize and make the best use of my small kitchen.

beth dillon says:

The Tieks! I’m obsessed! I already own 3 pairs.

Lisa says:

The fridge organizers 🙂

Cortney Koons says:


Heather B says:

I love this idea for organization in the fridge!!

Shelley E says:

Yours of course! I always struggle with weight issues and having healthy snacks within reach is oh-so helpful. Your giveaway would be perfect for organizing these.

Dana Cargill says:

I would love to win your bins. I need some help with kitchen organization

Elizabeth says:

Love love love an organized kitchen!

wendy says:

the Tieks shoes

Jennifer Lavender says:

I thought I was most excited about the Becky Higgins giveaway, but then I saw this. I absolutely LOVE bins and baskets and other stuff for organizing. Something to help tame my unruly refrigerator would truly be amazing.

Laura S says:

Organizational bins are so priceless, so simple but they are so needed!

Carrie says:

I love all of the prizes, but I would lovr to try tieks

Lacie says:

A letterboard or any of the dark chocolate!

Bailey Davis says:

All of them are amazing, but I think the Masckara makeup or Fawn Design bag would be so great!

Kris says:

Yours of course!

Amanda in Louisville says:

I’d be very excited to win an Amazon Echo from one of the two bloggers giving one away!

Cynthia says:

oh your organizing bins would be so good for my fridge!

janelle says:

So many great giveaways! The tieks would be my #1 pick!!

Amy says:

Great ideas for kids!

Holli G says:

I could really use these for my house and organizing my pantry! Those snacks look delicious!

Liz says:

I’d like to win any of them but I’d really like these plastic containers to organize my pantry.

Ginger Christensen says:

Any of the gifts would be great to win. There are so many fun items

Lindsay says:

I would be so excited to win any of them, but I have my eye on the wrapping paper from Becky Higgins!

Lori says:

I really like a lot of the gifts however I really like the essential oil diffuser.

Barb Glasier says:

Amazon echo

Rebecca D says:

My kitchen is in desperate need of a makeover!!

Meghan Kuckhahn says:

Over the Big Moon’s amazon giveaway, that looks like a sweet prize!


This would be great to win! I love them all… especially the organizers (0:

Silvia Williams says:

Super excited for a chance to win these containers! Love what you guys are doing at Super Healthy Kids 🙂

jo says:

What fridge couldn’t use more organization?! Mine certainly could. Thanks for doing this giveaway

Cassie says:

I would be most excited to win the Amazon Echo.

Gina says:

I’m super excited about the clear organizers! My fridge definitely needs those!

I would love to win the Amazon Echo!

Sean Eyring says:

I love the idea of clear bins in the fridge!

Stafford says:

I’m loving all of them of course. But at the very top of my list would have to be the Target and Amazon cards. I love both places to shop for the entire family.

Alina says:

They are all awesome in their uniqueness. My favorite is this one because as a mom of three little ones, you can’t ever have too many containers for organization.

Tina L. says:

Some many great prizes!!!! Stone wrap from Becky Higgins, teaks, kindle, eek!!!!!!

Jenny Kruschke says:

I like the letter board and the stone wrap best, but every single giveaway is a really great prize!

Jen B says:

My favorite thing to win would be the $150 Tieks Gift Certificate and Alex and Ani Bracelet

Melissa S says:

I need to get my fridge organized!

Kasey McCourtney says:

My fridge is in desperate need of organization, but honestly I’d love to win the cupcake diaries giveaway, because I’ve been wanting those silicone mats forever!

MaryB says:

I love all of them, especially organizing containers. I would love to win the Amazon Echo.

Latanya says:

I like the Tieks.

Becky says:

The Amazon Echo

Tabitga says:

I’m most excited for this one. I’ve been wanting these for a long time.

Kathryn Biallas says:

I’m digging the Amazon Echo!

carolyn says:

Loving the letterboards…

Colleen Inman says:

I would be most excited to try the 1 clear Cabinet and Fridge Kitchen Organizer

Lexi Daniel says:

Clear containers in the fridge are the best!

Rachael Canfield says:

I love I heart naptimes giveaway.

Terri Morales says:

I am interested in several. However I have been looking into the fridge organizers so it would be awesome to win them!

HeatherB says:

I would love to win these frig containers. It will keep snacks easy to find.

Michelle Trainor Masters says:

I’d be happy to win any of these giveaways.

Sarah Lee says:

I would just be happy to win something!!!

Talina B says:

All the prizes are awesome!
Thanks for the great giveaway!

Sylvia Nixon says:

They all look wonderful but I’m liking the containers the most.

Janet Runyon says:

What a wonderful selection of prizes, thank you……keeping my fingers crossed!!

Sherry Wooten says:

I would have to go with the Tieks. I have always wanted to try a pair of them but can’t justify the cost with two teen boys around.

Michel says:

This would be fabulous to win!

Lynne says:

I’m excited about the TIEKS shoes however your organizational ideas are a great idea which I plan to pass on the my daughter.

Katie says:

One of the planners. I need one for next year!

Janalee says:

What great ideas!

Erika says:

Leigh Anne’s cookbook is already on my Christmas list!

Lacy says:

I would most like to win the letterboard that Smashed Peas and Carrots is giving away but your containers are pretty awesome too! 🙂

R Stuart says:

I would love to win your giveaway & somewhat simple’s. They are both amazing! Thanks for the opportunity!

Cara says:

I would love to get more organized with a six year old living here!

Heather says:

I am not going to lie, these baskets have me wanted to reorganize everything!! I’d also love a pair of Tieks!

Lynne Tretow says:

The clear organizers would make for an awesome gift for my sister.

Mary West says:

They are all pretty awesome! I’m excited about the giveaways that come with markers and I’m loving the letter boards!

Dee Johnson says:

I would love to win any of them, but I think my favorite is on Cupcake Diaries’ blog.

B Grubb says:


Shae C says:

awesome containers!



zoe says:

so practical and so neat!!!! great giveaway!

Kelly D says:

I like the Amazon Echo.

Sarah says:

I would like to win yours the most! I love organizers and can’t afford them. )

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Healthy, Happy Eaters.
Join over 100k + subscribers and get family-friendly recipes, picky-eater strategies, lunch-packing tips and more, delivered each week to your inbox.