England: Summer Pudding

Although easy to make,and very popular in Great Britain, this Summer Pudding was not exactly a hit with my kids.

You would think with the two ingredients in this pudding, it would be a winner with my family. After all, you can pretty much guarantee we love bread, and we love berries!

Nonetheless, I wanted to share it anyway, because it is healthy, it is authentic, and it is loved by many others around the world.

Summer pudding is bread, soaked with berries.  The recipe originally includes sugar, but we tried it without sugar, which really didn’t matter, since the appearance was what put off my kids in the first place.

Summer Pudding from England

The final recipe was:

  • 2 cups frozen and fresh berries
  • 8 slices of whole wheat bread, crusts cut off.

Step 1) Defrost berries until they are mushy and liquidy.  Mash berries a bit with the edge of a fork.  At this point, the original recipe calls for sugar.   A LOT of sugar. Considering we were trying to make it healthy, and berries are so sweet, we left it out.

step 1 pudding

Step 2) Line a 2 quart dish with 4 slices of bread.

Step 2 pudding

Step 3) Top bread with all the berries and their juices.

step 3 pudding

Step 4) Place the remaining bread on top of the berries.

step 4 pudding

Step 5) Take a plate that fits inside the dish, and put something heavy on top.  Chill in the fridge for 24 hours.

step 5 pudding

Originally, this dish is intended to be garnished with whipping cream.

pudding from England England pudding summer pudding with strawberries Slice of summer pudding

This is my nephew Michael.  Since my kids were so hesitant to try it, I was “encouraging” Michael to take a taste. He kept holding a fork full towards me and saying, “No, I will Help YOU to taste it!!” ha ha.. little stinker.

What do you think? Will you try it?

written by
Amy Roskelley

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Amy says:

Thanks for the ideas Emma!

Amy says:

Thanks for the ideas Emma!

Emma says:

Whipped cream probably would have helped a lot. Although a few tablespoons doesn’t add up much in terms like protein, fats and calories (things kids NEED), if you’re serving this to kids, there’s ESPECIALLY no point in restricting and leaving it ungarnished! Also, maybe try boiling half the fruit into a paste! Or blend it with some soaked date (date paste). Or honey, at the very least! There’s loads of way to experiment and improve but it’s a good start!

DH says:

Yes, to be fair- I was put off by the appearance of this too, although I like summer pudding. As Lucy says, it is made in an individual pudding basin and the fruits are boiled with sugar, so there is enough liquid to completely soak the bread. Even if you’re not adding sugar, you would need to boil (or puree half?) of the berries so there is enough juice for this. Appearance is key- so try it in the mold and then maybe your kids will be encouraged to try it!

Lucy says:

Usually summer pudding is made by lining the sides of a pudding basin, so the turned out pudding is in a basin shape. One of the reasons for adding sugar is to draw out juice, maybe add a little sugar? I just think some things can’t be made healthy – a slice of sweet juicy summer pudding with whipped cream once a summer is just delightful!

Laura says:

I would definitely try it! I think my kids would like it, too.

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