May 14, 2009 | Home >Healthy Kids > Nutrition Tips >Children’s Multivitamins
Children’s Multivitamins
May 14, 2009 | Home >Healthy Kids > Nutrition Tips >Children’s Multivitamins

Children’s Multivitamins

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Many people have asked what to look for in a children’s multi-vitamin.  Of course its ideal to get all your vitamins and minerals through food, its also a good idea to take a multi-vitamin to make up for any shortcomings in your child’s diet.  In Dr. Fuhrman’s Disease Proof Your Child, he offers a list of things to look for. (copied directly from his book, pg 168)

  • Look for One without Vitamin A-Vitamin A intake leads to calcium loss int he urine and osteoporosis.  We make all the vitamin A we need from the carotenes found in fruits and vegetables.
  • A children’s supplement should not have more than 2,500 IU of beta-carotene, but even less is better. It is best to receive carotenes from food, not supplements.  Studies looking at beta-carotene supplementation show a higher rate of both cancer and heart disease in those supplemented with a high dose of beta-carotene.
  • It should contain the full spectrum of minerals.
  • It should be free from artificial colors, flavors, and artificial sweeteners.
  • It must taste acceptable to your children, as it does no good if your child refuses to take it.
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Amy Roskelley

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natalie wright says:

What’s your take on the fiber gummy vitamins? Are the better or worse than the powder???

cathy says:

Great tips! I have that book but haven’t read it yet. Better make it next on my list.

Amy says:

Natalie, I don’t think EITHER one is necessary. If anything Fiber is the one thing that really should be gotten in food.
Cathy, your book list looks a lot like mine.

natalie wright says:

Good to know- thank you!!!

Vennesa says:

So is there a children’s vitamin that you (or he) recommend that fits this description?

Melissa says:

I am also wondering what vitamin you recommend. For the past couple of years we’ve just used the chewable Flintstones to help us out. But my sister-in-law recently sponsored my almost 7 year old with her Juice-Plus order, so we get the Fruit “vitamin” and the Veggie “vitamin”. Any thoughts on those? We’ve been doing that for a few days now. He is taking one in the morning and the other at night…with lots of water.

Amy says:

I’m so sorry Melissa and Venessa. This is the second time I’ve been asked this question, and I keep putting off answering it, because I haven’t really formed an opinion yet. My kids take generic vitamins once in a while, which I’ve never really checked the label, but will start due to Dr. Fuhrman’s recommendations. A balanced diet is going to have all the nutrients our kids need, and shouldn’t need to be supplemented.
That said, I do like the Juice-plus type vitamins! (if they weren’t so expensive) These and other “whole food” vitamins I believe are better than synthetic ‘nutrient only’ supplements. We just found some much less expensive at Costco called Zoots. My kids do take these when I remember.

When I have some time to compare labels, I will update you!

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