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Chicken Pillow Makeover


A long time family favorite of ours is the Chicken Pillows.  The original recipe calls for a creamy, cheesy chicken filling inside refrigerated crescent rolls, rolled in melted butter, then rolled in crushed ritz crackers.  It is quite delicious.  Unfortunately, the refrigerated crescent rolls (even the reduced fat ones) have 1.5 grams of trans-fats per roll, and between 4-6 grams saturated fat.

Our meal made healthier consisted of defattening the creamy chicken filling with greek yogurt and low fat cream cheese.  Using a can of refrigerator biscuits (with no trans fats) instead of the crescent rolls.  Brushing the tops with an egg white wash.  And sprinkling bread crumbs on top.   The kids loved this healthier version of dinner.  Won’t mention the pea salad. Not so much of a hit for them.




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Yummy!! We’re giving up trans fat in a bigger way too. (I hope to post on it soon.) One of the few things that I’ll really miss are canned crescent rolls. Decadent and fattening, I know, but SO god for an occasional treat! This recipe looks really good. We’ll give it a try!

on the pea salad — have you ever tried replacing the plain yogurt with fat-free sour cream? That’s what I always do because I think plain yogurt is nasty. Maybe your kids are on my same wave length?

Yummy!! I’m going to have to try those!!

P.S. I am supposed to be somewhere Wednesday? I just had a message on my blog from Kristin that said “see you Wednesday”….maybe I’ll call her. 🙂

I may be way off line but I bet you could had just added peas to the chicken mix- ya think? I don’t typically have to sneak vegs to my kids but I do like to add them wherever I can, why not?

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Cathy; occasional treat is good idea. they are really good made the original way.
Eleice; you are probably right. I don’t think that way cause I love plain yogurt.
Autumn: Yes! See my email to you!
Mary Kathryn:I think peas in the mix sound really good. I know my husband would like it. He loves peas.
JennDZ; Thanks for the heads up. I emailed you.
Debbie; Thanks

I am so excited to try your new improved recipe for this yummy dish. I loved them the original way, but never make them because I don’t think it is worth the calories. But love the leaned out version, and will definitely be making it!
Thanks again!

Thanks for the healthy version of this recipe. I found it a few years ago and it’s been a favorite of ours for awhile. With the biscuits do you just use one biscuit and pinch it closed? Or do you top it with another biscuit?

Hope yoyu like it Jen.
LaDonna; I did use two biscuits and pinched them together. One just didn’t seem big enough for a full tablespoon of filling.

I’m from Australia and feel a bit confused right now – what on earth are refrigerator biscuits??? Thanks!

I definitely don’t remember seeing anything like that. I am thinking it could work with frozen puff pastry though. To add to the confusion, what you call ‘cookies’ in the US, we call biscuits in Aus. What is called a biscuit (judging from the picture), looks a little like a cross between an English muffin and a scone!! Got to feel sorry for tourists to English speaking countries, the same spelling of the same word means completely different things!