August 22, 2008 | Home >Healthy Kids >Blueberries with Frozen Yogurt
Blueberries with Frozen Yogurt
August 22, 2008 | Home >Healthy Kids >Blueberries with Frozen Yogurt

Blueberries with Frozen Yogurt

Beat the heat, have blueberries for a treat!  We are not an ice cream family! In fact after 11 years of marriage, we bought our first ice cream scooper this year (you know, for when guests come of course).   However, in my college years I sure liked frozen yogurt. The I started reading in the comments how everyone loves blueberries these days, I decided to get some vanilla frozen yogurt to put on top of some blueberries.  I read there was a surplus of blueberries this year in the northwest, but blueberry prices sure haven’t gotten better in Utah.  So we are still buying them frozen.  Some frozen varieties are better than others, sweeter you know.

Blueberries make a great dessert! Their rich dark color means they are full of antioxidants.  They have tons of vitamin C, and have been known to improve heart health.

I’ve always counseled people to be cautious of ice cream portions.  1 serving of ice cream is only 1/2 cup.   And 1/2 cup on the container of ice cream I was reading the label for said it was 300 calories and 20 grams of fat.  For all the people that pile their bowl full of ice cream…I can literally see the arteries clogging by the minute.  The frozen yogurt on the other hand had 200 calories for 1/2 cup and 4.5 grams of fat.  Not only that, but I prefer using a melon baller and having the “ice cream” as a compliment to the dish, rather than it being the “main course”

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Natalie Monson

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Heather says:

Try blending some of those frozen blueberries, some frozen bananas and a little splash of soy milk in your blender. It makes a creamy “ice cream”. My kids LOVE it!

Emily says:

I haven’t had very good luck finding frozen yogurt at the store. What’s your secret? Am I in the wrong aisle or something?

Carly says:

Yum! We are not much of an ice cream family either, but we love blueberries. We live in the northwest and the prices are not good here either, I’m not sure how that works since there is such a surplus. :/ We have also been eating them frozen, our favorite snack!

FatFighter says:

Yum – blueberries have been so delicious this year! My husband and I bought a big batch of them at Costco. We couldn’t finish them all, so they are now in the freezer – we use them in smoothies. So good!!

Amy says:

Heather, thanks for the tip. I need to freeze some bananas. Emily; No! It’s weird because the only frozen yogurt I could find was a tiny little carton of Haagan Daaz. They were the only brand. Where did all the frozen yogurt go???
Carly, I thought you guys were getting them cheap! Shocking! Had you heard about the surplus too?
Fat fighter. that’s where I get mine! Costco.

Natalie says:

we eat fresh blueberries almost every morning with our breakfast…they are so good right now in Texas. We buy low fat frozen yogurt all of the time but ours is Blue Bell brand and I don’t think they sell that very far north.

And what a great idea to use a melon baller for the frozen yogurt…didn’t think of that!

Nasreen says:

Sounds Great!! Unfortunatly they don’t sell frozen yoghurt where I live, and fresh blueberrys are pretty hard to find

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