August 22, 2012 | Home >In the News >Balanced Breakfast: Burrito Dippers and Orange Juice

Balanced Breakfast: Burrito Dippers and Orange Juice

August 22, 2012 | Home >In the News >Balanced Breakfast: Burrito Dippers and Orange Juice

Balanced Breakfast: Burrito Dippers and Orange Juice

It’s official- the kids are waking up early again and heading off to school.  I like to put a lot of thought into breakfast, because I can honestly say it makes the difference between them being able to behave and concentrate in school, or not!

According to the “American Dietetic Association Guide to Healthy Eating for Kids”, a good breakfast should:

  1. Contain 3 or more food groups
  2. Include high fiber foods like whole grains, produce, or beans.
  3. Be low in fat
  4. Be something they will eat!  It does no good to have a balanced meal that they won’t eat.

So, this morning we had Burrito Dippers and Orange Juice!  To test that we included all the food groups, we assembled our food on our plate.  We’ve got:

  • Eggs
  • Salsa with Green peppers
  • Tortillas
  • and Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice (with an added frozen watermelon cube that I drained from a watermelon yesterday we had eaten)
Balanced Breakfast on #myplate

First, to make our breakfast burrito just perfect for little fingers, we like to make them little!!  I’ve watched my kids in horror when they were younger to try to get their mouths around a normal size burrito, only to have all the insides fall out.  You can make them the perfect size by making your own tortillas.  Or, you cut a regular tortilla into a smaller circle, tear up the scraps and bake them for tortilla chips later.  Next to make them kid friendly, we always grill the burrito closed at the seam, so it stays in one piece.

Tropicana and breakfast burritos

The first step this morning was to cook some eggs and some tortillas.

making a breakfast burrito

Then, we added 1 tablespoon scrambled eggs into the cooked tortilla, and wrapped it, folding two ends towards the middle, and then rolling the other end until you have a burrito.

wrapping a tortilla

Then, to seal the burrito together, we return the burrito to our hot skillet and cooked it for a few minutes, seam side down, just until the edge seals to itself.

sealing a toritlla

Then, we served these baby burritos with some homemade salsa for a dipping!

Breakfast Burrito DippersBurrito Dippers Breakfast burrito Dippers for Kids dipping burrito

Lastly, to balance the meal out we added our 100% Pure Premium Tropicana Orange Juice.  We love adding different fruit juice ice cubes to our OJ to give it a little zing.  And since this watermelon juice almost got tossed with the rind, we decided to freeze it instead! It was sooooo yummy!!

watermelon cubes in Tropicana Juic

And there you have it! A healthy balanced breakfast!  Don’t send your kids out the door without it!

Tropicana Pure Premium is 100% pure Florida orange juice. You can connect with the folks at Tropicana via their facebook page at

*Disclaimer: Tropicana is a sponsor of Super Healthy Kids!

Burrito Dippers and Orange Juice
written by
Amy Roskelley

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Valerie says:

You girls are the best. All your food looks so great. I can’t print the recipes fast enough. If only you were cooking for me :). thanks for all your hard work.

Amy says:

Ha ha ha ha!! Thanks Valerie. I’ll let my kids know SOMEONE appreciates that I cook for them 🙂

Colleen says:

Fabolousvas always….weird q…..what is the white thing u have them tied together w???? And do you think you could freeze these for make ahead and reheat??

Amy says:

Ha ha.. that is funny that you asked that! It is a strip of white freezer paper (like butchers would use), and I just tied it up with it. I don’t know why I did… I thought it might look fun.

You should TOTALLy be able to freeze these. I’d love to know if you try it!

Colleen says:

Yep I’ll try next week!! Yeah I’m cheesy like that….I love stuff prettied up 🙂

angee says:

So, we totally had these for breakfast this morning! Yum…

OrGreenic says:

This seems like the perfect breakfast idea for kids and the juice ice cubes are a great touch! Thanks for sharing.

Laura says:

What store bought tortillas do you like?

Amy says:

Hi Laura,
The ones pictured are those raw- need to be refrigerated and cooked ones.. They are great because the ingredients are regular stuff, no preservatives! And they are sooo delicious!
Otherwise, my next choice is a white corn tortilla (even the cheap brands usually only show: water, corn flour, masa, and salt.)
Then my next brand is a whole wheat tortilla, and I am not sure the name, except it has the word “artisan” on the front, and there are some gritty seeds in it. I find for the most part, tortillas aren’t too horrible in the ingredient department.

Hi Amy,
This step by step nutritive breakfast will be of great help for many to lead healthy lifestyle and like to say breakfast provide us essential nutrients for the physical activities and helps in maintaining healthy lifestyle. Breakfast boost metabolism and helps in losing and maintaining body weight. Breakfast lowers cholesterol level and prevent us from stroke, cardiovascular disease and some cancers.

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Healthy, Happy Eaters.
Join over 100k + subscribers and get family-friendly recipes, picky-eater strategies, lunch-packing tips and more, delivered each week to your inbox.