June 21, 2010 | Home >Healthy Kids > Reviews and Giveaways >Anti-Pasto Lunch Box and Giveaway
Anti-Pasto Lunch Box and Giveaway
June 21, 2010 | Home >Healthy Kids > Reviews and Giveaways >Anti-Pasto Lunch Box and Giveaway

Anti-Pasto Lunch Box and Giveaway

Healthy Tip- We still pack lunches, even though it’s summer!  Why?

  • We like picnics at the park
  • We don’t mess up the kitchen during the day
  • On busy days we don’t want to be stuck somewhere starving (and heaven forbid, pick up fast food!
  • It helps us plan for getting 5- fruits and vegetables a Day. Planning pays off!.

easy lunch boxesSo, this Italian Delight, is our Antipasto plate (box)  We used:

  • sliced ham
  • cheeses
  • olives
  • tomatoes
  • cucumbers
  • Whole wheat buns
  • Sprinkled with zesty Italian just before eating time
  • And strawberries for dessert.
  • DSC_3242

So, there you go. Packing a lunch for us although we aren’t going to school has saved us money, time, mess, and headaches! I know my kids are going to eat SOMETHING during the day, and I don’t have to help them get it.

Even when I had only two kids in school, I would still pack a lunch for TJ, while I was helping the other two kids pack.  He loved that he also had a lunch box, even though he wasn’t in school yet.  But I figured, while I had everything out anyway- It only made sense.

And, how about it for the awesome Lunch containers?? Those were sent to us by Easy Lunch Boxes.  It’s great to keep foods separate for kids.  I’m loving it for summer picnics, because I know it will come home (unlike the lunch boxes that have sunk into the Bermuda Triangle at the school cafeteria.

erica with easy lunch boxes easy lunch boxes 3


easy lunch boxes 2


written by
Amy Roskelley

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Lisa says:

Love, love, love your blog. And this lunch container looks great.

Alicia says:

So love the idea of packing lunches just to be prepared! I am going to start doing that tomorrow thanks!

Amy says:

What a wonderful idea! I love all the ideas from your blog

Carleen says:

What a great idea for packing lunches. Just recently found your blog and love what I’ve seen so far.

kara says:

I would love to win this! I’ve been looking for something just like that. Great idea about packing lunches through the summer!

Mandy Ford says:

Love this idea, but I’m lacking on time in the morning to execute it! It’s a great way to avoid the “what’s for lunch?” conversation though!!

Vanessa says:

Brilliant! Your post is timely as I was just thinking about this today. Costco has fantastic cooler lunch containers on coupon but that still doesn’t solve the container part of the problem. these are perfect for that! Thanks for all of your posts…..I LOVE your blog:) Cheers.

Daniella says:

Your blog is my new favorite! I especially love your simple healthy menu plans.

The lunchbox is a great idea. We are so busy this summer and I really need to start packing lunches so we can avoid the fast food trap.

Susan says:

Great idea about packing lunches for the summer! I always get stuck somewhere when I’m hungry. Pick me and I’ll do it for sure!

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Hannah says:

This is a great idea. We have some tupperware similiar but the lid doesn’t shut for each compartment.

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