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Americanized Kids Sushi


It’s amazing how popular sushi has become in the last decade.  Anyway, if your kids like fish, you are 100 steps ahead of our family.  It’s possible my kids don’t like fish, because I don’t care for it, or because we don’t live in a coastal area and it’s too pricey for my pocket book.  Whatever the reason, here’s our NON-FISHY sushi:

  • We found some Party Sushi Wrappers at our regular grocery store.  These are made from soy and not seaweed!
  • They had really fun colors that I completely wasted on failed attempts at making these ones I saw on their website:rec_MiniSuhsiRoll
  • So, instead, we just took some rice, carrots, and avocado to the other papers.  And made these:<a class="alignnone" title="kids sushi" href=" american sushie
  • For an even healthier snack, or lunch, use brown rice (we ran out last night).
american sushie_edited-1


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I know this is an older post, but I wanted to comment because I followed a link to it from the “Linked Within” under one of your recent posts. Anyway – THANK YOU for sharing these! I am so excited and can’t wait to order some. My daughter LOVES sushi and it’s a special treat for her and Daddy to have sushi dates. This would be so fun to make at home and I love the pretty colors (all natural!).

I love you recipes!!

My son is 2 and loves sushi, so I’m excited that I can try making these creations. Do I use regular brown rice or is there a special sushi brown rice? I’ve never made sushi before, so what do you use to roll it?