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All Fruit Shaved Ice

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Once the shaved ice stands start opening up, I know that summer has officially started.  My kids ask me almost everyday for the first month of summer if we can get a shaved ice.  They.love.them.  Personally I just like the fluffy ice, without all of the sugary syrup.  And you can pay up to $5 for one shaved ice!

A few weeks ago, I made some homemade grape juice from grapes on our vines.  There were still a few green grapes mixed in the bunches of purple and it made the juice sour. Instead of adding sugar, we decided to use it to make sour grape shaved ice.  It is really good and it only has pure grape juice and ice!  This got the wheels turning.  We just recently heard about cotton candy grapes and have been dying to try them.  They are SUPER sweet and really do taste like cotton candy!  We knew this would be a perfect compliment to our sour grape shaved ice.

All Natural Cotton Candy Flavored Shaved Ice. So good you won't believe there is no added sugar!|www.superhealthykids.com.jpg

If you haven’t tried the cotton candy grape, you need to!  They are non-GMO for those of you who are concerned – they are the result of cross pollination of two different varieties of grapes.  Fruits and Roots explains it all on here video here.   We used our new juicer and the juice was super sweet and tasted just like cotton candy!  The juice of these came out green because they are a green grape.  Kind of deceiving considering their name 🙂  We also juiced our concord grapes which came out a pink/purple color and was sour!

To make this yummy all-natural shaved ice:

1)Juice your grapes.  We just got the best juicer on Amazon. If you don’t have a juicer, you can also juice fruit in your blender, and then use a fine mesh strainer to remove extra pulp. Oh So Delicioso has a great tutorial.

2) Blend your ice.  We crushed our ice in our Blendtec which makes it super fine and fluffy just like you can buy at at shaved ice stand! The key is to pulse it and stop in between pulsing.  If you just hold the button down, it will turn into a big block and you won’t be able to blend it.  Pulsing it creates some airflow and keeps the ice light and fluffy.

3) Place ice into cups, and then spoon the juice on top!  Serve with fun straws and spoons and enjoy!

All Natural Cotton Candy Flavored Shaved Ice|www.superhealthykids.com.jpg

Perfect for a summer afternoon, or for a party.  You really could use any type of fruit you want, but how can you beat a cotton candy flavor fruit!  We hope you love these as much as we do!




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