All-Fruit Jam: Easy and Inexpensive!

I call this my ghettho jam, (ghetto as defined by the poor, or living the poor life) because it’s my alternative to those expensive “All Fruit” jams you can purchase in the store.  Jam companies will charge $4.99 for a small jar of something that is literally, all fruit.

English muffins1

Here is what I do:

  • Take a handful of frozen fruit (I used 5-6 very large frozen strawberries for this one).
  • Put fruit in small saucepan
  • Simmer on low heat. Stir occasionally, breaking up fruit to blend with your spoon.

Really, it’s that easy.  The result is so delicious.  You can add it to plain yogurt, oatmeal, topping for pancakes or waffles, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or spread it on your English Muffins (for E week).  Nathan ate his English Muffin before I could snap a photo.

DSC_0272 strawberry jam

The bottom line: Save your money and make your own healthy jam.  No sugar necessary.

written by
Natalie Monson

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Tammy Wilks says:

Jam or spreadable fruit, I think it’s a great idea and appreicate you sharing! I have one child with celiac so I am always searching for healthy and fun food, thanks for your ideas. I substitute recipes with gluten free ingredients and they all come out wonderfully!

Jennifer says:

This is an awesome idea. I’ve used mixed berries, blueberries and just strawberries and everyone in the house loves it- on pancakes, english muffins, waffles, graham crackers, yogurt. If I have leftovers, I use it for the next day or for a topping on a dessert later. Thanks for an easy and healthy idea!!!

Rachel says:

In the spirit of “correctness”, it’s actually olallieberry. 🙂 And they are delicious!

Amy says:

I would not store it for very long Sofia- so, no don’t make it in bulk. Probaly 3-5 days tops.

Lee-Anne says:

Can this jam be make in bulk and if so how long can it be stored in the fridge?

sofia sana says:

This is a useful detailed view of fruit jam. you doesnt add preservative as well as sugar in that. how long we store that jam. my small suggestion , if we add cardamon it taste more thank you

Lindsay says:


Amy says:

Yes Lisa, I”ve done it and it works great!

Nicholas Basile says:

No problem Amy! One of my fellow club members from my graduating class messaged me of the mistake and I felt that it was worth pointing out. If you’re ever in the central coast, you should visit my alma mader for some lolliberry jam. 🙂

Amy says:

LOL.. Thanks Nicholas! It was a pleasure chatting with you. I now know the difference, and will likely never mix them up again 🙂 Your cal poly community will be proud.

Nicholas Basile says:

Where I may have been out of my element on this website, I can at least sleep now knowing that I’ve done my due diligence to the jam industry. I appreciate your time and efforts to grasp the concept of Food Law. I wish you the best of luck in your voyage of crafting new developments be it jam, jelly, preserve, or in this case, spreadable fruit.

Amy says:

I’m not embarrassed at all! Thanks for your passion. I really just couldn’t tell if you were being sarcastic.

Nicholas Basile says:

I will spare you the embarrassment by enlightening you — read this:

And yes, there is a well organized jam community. I’m a member of many committees, and one of the purposes they serve among others, is to educate the population of jam standards. Where I am a long time fan of spreadable fruit, it’s an insult to jam makers to get the 2 mixed up. What may seem as not a serious issue to you is suggesting that I’m wasting time in my industry with my efforts put forth.

Amy says:

I can’t tell if you are being funny, snarky, or serious? Is there a jam community? And who decided that your definition of jam is the correct one? And what does labeling a fruit spread as jam have to do with integrity?

Nicholas Basile says:

What a sad day for the jam community. Hopefully young misinformed children who come across this aren’t too negatively affected in future occasions. Integrity is a table best served for one in this instance.

Amy says:

Hi Nicholas- we never saw your first comment, but not really sure it matters what we decide to call it. We call all fruit spreads jam.

Nicholas Basile says:

As I mentioned before in a comment that I believe was deleted, you cannot call this jam since the brix does not meet the standard of identity. There is no such thing as jam without sugar added. The correct name for this product is “spreadable fruit”.

Lisa says:

Could you mix different berries together? Like a strawberry and blueberry spread?

Nicholas Basile says:

You can’t call this a jam as it doesn’t meet the brix required to meet the jam standard of identity as per food regulations. This should be classified as a spreadable fruit.

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Amy says:

Brenda and Hillary, I get these questions a lot and they are hard to answer because my kids eat so much!!
I wouldn’t keep it longer than three days or so. Just make small amounts at a time, I would say.

dawn says:

This looks yummy and my kids eat jelly all the time with PB, so how would that be. I went grocery shopping tonight with a list and coupons and didn’t buy any extras, also planned a few new dinner ideas for us to try. Getting tired of sloppy joes and chicken patty’s and spaghetti every week. Wish us luck.

Hillary says:

How long does this last in the fridge? I only have a few jam eaters in my house.

Kris says:

LOVE this. I am going to stock up on frozen berries and just do this. Thank you – love your site!

Milehimama says:

We make this all the time! Call it “compote”. Sounds classier.

brenda says:

how long does it keep? do you think it would be good for a PBJ? my toddler loves those, and i buy the simply fruit jam… and it is kind of pricey.

Vennesa says:

Did you change the title of this post? Or am I losing my mind?

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