January 24, 2008 | Home >Healthy Kids >A Better “Milkshake”
A Better “Milkshake”
January 24, 2008 | Home >Healthy Kids >A Better “Milkshake”

A Better “Milkshake”

How can I do a blog about healthy eating without discussing the most popular healthy eating idea around? It’s an American classic! It’s as tasty as ice cream, yet as healthy as a fruit salad.  People have written entire books about them!  It’s SMOOTHIES of course.  Just note, I do not follow recipes very often, so I can not give measurements.  But this is how our family does smoothies;

  1. A little juice, any flavor, usually orange juice.
  2. Some yogurt (I put in plain, since everything else is sweet enough)
  3. Frozen fruit (Usually we add strawberries or raspberries)

Some extra’s I will add (when I have my back to them and they can’t see I’m adding stuff)

  • “Emergen-C” (a flavor packet of Vitamin c)
  • soy powder (for a kick of protein)
  • Flax meal, flax oil, or flax seeds (for some healthy fat)
  • A capsule of probiotics (if they are sick)

There are a million things you could add to smoothies.  I blend it smooth enough they can drink it from a straw.  Everyone loves this “treat”.  But it is so good for them too.  I would do it every morning if my dang blender wasn’t so loud.  I hate to wake up ketchup boy if he’s still sleeping while the other two get ready for school.  I would never forgive myself… a 4 year old awake before his time is an absolute train wreck.

What kind of smoothies do your kids like?

blueberry plus smoothie
written by
Amy Roskelley

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Susan Bankhead says:

I like soy milk smoothies. I put soy milk in the blender, add half a frozen banana (I buy bananas on sale, peel them, cut in half, and freeze in a sandwich bag), and some frozen strawberries or half an orange, a scoop of soy protein powder, and ground up flax xeed. It’s yummy and very healthy. They are great for an afternoon snack on a hot summer day.

Lisa says:

I have a recipe I’ve based my smoothies from for years. I don’t remember the amounts (lost the recipe, it’s in my head) but it uses milk (could be soy,) crushed pineapple, raspberries, honey, yogurt (Mountain High is my favorite, sweetened with natural fruit sugars) and silken tofu (added protein) We freeze the leftovers for “smoothie pops.”

~Amy says:

I just found your blog…so, I’m just reading different post on it. 🙂

I’m lactose intolerant so I use soy milk.
I make smoothies daily for my kids.
Usually 4 things go into the smoothie:
soy milk
frozen fruit (we like blueberries)
sorbet (it is non-dairy)


Amy says:

Although we aren’t lactose intolerant, I have been meaning to use soy milk more often. And the sorbet probably makes it super good. I’ve always loved sorbet. Thanks Amy

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