30 Healthy and Festive Halloween Treats

30 Healthy and Festive Halloween Treats. We have 30 healthy Halloween treats to use at home, for Halloween parties, or as an alternative to candy for trick-or-treating. https://www.superhealthykids.com/30-healthy-festive-halloween-treats/

There are lots of spine-chilling frights that we parents may enjoy during Halloween season, such as terrifying decorations, spooky costumes, and haunting music, but a frightening Halloween staple that many parents would like to limit is sugar-filled candy and treats.   Sure, in moderation, candy can fit into the diet, but most of us feel as if we are on candy overload after all of the Halloween festivities.  So when it comes to your contribution to the Halloween class party or to just celebrating the joy of the season in your home, is it possible to have healthy Halloween treats and avoid the candy aisle?  Absolutely!  We have a list of 30 ideas of how you can avoid candy and other sweet treats.

Ideas for parties or for Halloween fun at home

Pear skull. Pear, blueberries, and an almond slice…all healthy ingredients made into a Halloween treat.  Yummy!

Pear skull

Healthy Halloween mummy tray. For little ones, you can cook the carrots until they are to the desired softness then add the cheese for a yummy but not-too-scary mummy encounter.

Healthy Halloween Mummy Tray

Cheese and pretzel broomstick. We made these for a Halloween birthday party, and they disappeared.  Feel free to substitute a thin carrot or celery stick for the broomstick.

Cheese and pretzel broomstick

Halloween pumpkin oranges. For our Halloween-themed party, we used these Halloween pumpkin oranges to make a pumpkin patch on a tray.

Halloween pumpkin oranges

Roasted red pepper deviled eggs. The egg mixture is naturally colored by using roasted red pepper.  For our party, this was actually the first tray of food that vanished.

Roasted red pepper deviled eggs

Banana ghosts. These ghouls take mere minutes to scare up, have only two ingredients, and require no cooking.

Banana ghosts

Zucchini eyeballs. Eyeballs to thrill Halloween enthusiasts and vegetables to thrill you-a winning combination.

Zucchini Eyeballs. Halloween is days away! Add this snack to your festive spread!

Candy corn veggie tray. The colors on this tray are the same vibrant colors of a candy corn but are made with yellow bell pepper, carrots, and cauliflower.  Serve it with a dip or a side of hummus with carrot fingers (recipe link found below).

Candy corn veggie tray

Hummus with carrot fingers. Hummus is a wonderful snack, and combining it with creepy carrot fingers gives it a Halloween touch.

Hummus with carrot fingers

Mummy toast. This toast is a fun way to incorporate Halloween into lunch or snack.

Mummy toast

Candy corn fruit cocktail. Pineapple and oranges topped with yogurt is a festive way to plate up lovely fruit.

Cheese monsters

Cheese monsters. It’s shocking that you can create such a fabulous Halloween treat using Babybel cheese rounds as your only ingredient.

Cheese monsters

7 grain biscotti ghosts. These ghosts are simply adorable and healthy for a fun Halloween treat.

7 Grain Pumpkin Biscotti Ghosts

School approved Frankenstein. A monster made of grapes adds whimsy to your fruit snack.

School approved Frankenstein

Ideas for non-candy trick or treating (or as favors/gifts for classroom parties):

Jack-o-lantern oranges. Use cuties or other oranges for a wonderfully healthy and festive fruit.

Jack-o-lantern oranges

Jack-o-oranges. All you need are some individually packaged mandarin orange cups and a black sharpie.

  • Cereal bars. You can hand out an assortment of cereal bars with Halloween jokes attached.
  • Applesauce monsters. Dress up regular applesauce into spooky disguises.
Applesauce monsters Halloween fruit pouch. I am not sure that a fruit pouch could be cuter than this fruit pouch mummy.Halloween fruit pouch

Non-food treats- Any of these can be combined into treat bags.

  1. Halloween stamps
  2. Coloring sheet and a few crayons in a goodie bag
  3. Glow sticks, wands, necklaces, bracelets
  4. Bubbles
  5. Tattoos
  6. Slap bracelets
  7. Mini coloring book or activity book
  8. Playdough. You can make homemade playdough or buy it in small containers.
  9. Halloween stencils
  11. Halloween pencils (or scented pencils) and erasers

What’s cooking in your cauldron this Halloween?  Hopefully some of our healthy Halloween treats have crept into your treat list.


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Nicole Flanagan
Katie-Rose says:

My toddler absolutely loves all things Halloween (yes, even in July), so I’m really looking forward to trying some of these with him! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful ideas 🙂

The good thing about these treats is that, they are all healthy and fun to look at. I am sure the kids will love it also. It will be a great treat for them this coming Halloween party. I am kind of excited to try them all. Thanks for sharing it.

Thanks for your kind comment! Hope you were able to try some!

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