gluten free recipes for kids

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Choose MyPlate Educator Resources

We know that as an educator, you are invested in the health and nutrition education of your clients. We also understand that teaching nutrition concepts to your clients can be one of your biggest challenges.   The challenge is delivering the information in a way that your clients will remember, and actually apply to their lives once they get home.  Studies have shown that using a visual aid in your teaching methods can increase information retention by 15%.  Imagine if you had a teaching aid that you could send home with your clients that they would actually use over and over!

We have developed a product patterned after the USDA’s Choose Myplate concept that will help you not only teach these healthy eating concepts, but help your clients teach and practice the concepts at home, thereby reinforcing long-term healthy eating habits.

Give your clients something that will help them not only remember, but apply the dietary guidelines!