Wexy Bags and Meal Plans


I wanted to share a cool new product, Wexy Lunch and Munch Snack Bags, for two reasons!  One, they are made by moms who saw something they wanted for their kids, and made it happen.  And two, the product is a snack bag that is also good for the environment.  Made with biodegradable materials, these snack bags aren’t going to sit in our landfills for the next thousand years. Plus a bonus, they are super cute.  Erica, who is my 11 year old asks every single day if she can use one for snacks.  She loves the pictures of monsters on the bag!  I let her have a bag, in exchange for this picture.  She was happy to oblige!

The monsters even have names, and Bailey the Bubble Maker is our favorite:

image DSC_3882

Plus, need ideas of what to put in your snack bags?  Check out their 25 healthy snack ideas for kids!

Now, onto our meal plans for the week!








Coconut berry oatmeal

Chicken Mozzarella melt with shredded cabbage

Chopped vegetables and hummus

Vegetarian Baked Egg Rolls


Scrambled eggs and strawberries

Whole wheat wrap with lettuce, sprouts, tomatoes, and cheese

Almonds and dried cranberries

Homemade pizza with pureed veggies


Omelets with bananas and toast

English muffin pizzas with shredded carrots

Rice cake with hummus

Pork Chops with Pineapple Fried Rice


Cereal with yogurt and thawed berries

Ham and cheese on whole wheat with celery and apples

Graham crackers and hard boiled egg

Mushroom stroganoff (made light)


Mini blueberry pancakes with vanilla yogurt and maple extract! Mmmm

Vegetable pita pockets (avocado, tomatoes, lettuce)

Frozen fruit popsicle

Brussells Sprout Casserole

So, check out the Wexy Bags, and then head over to our meal plan archives to print this new meal plan!

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