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Weekly Family Meal Plan

Good morning!  To those on the East Coast, living in the path of Hurricane Irene, I hope you are safe, and the destruction will be minimal.  I can’t believe how long a hurricane takes to move up the coast.  I sort of assumed it was a one hit attack, rather than a three day ordeal.  Please know, the whole country is watching and praying the hurricane does not get worse.

The meal plan for this week has some links to some great food blogs.  Finding food blogs is an addicting past time of mine! There are so many talented food creators and so little time!


I love finding food blogs too! Linking from your meal plans I have found some really good ones. Thanks for sending me 48 hits yesterday! 😉


You are so ridiculously talented! I’ve been following your blog for a while, and it is currently my go-to source for cooking for kids. Giving my kids healthy food is a huge passion of mine, and you have been so inspirational for this journey! Thank you!!!!


Wow, I was the happiest person as I went through all the dishes for the monthly menu and found a recipe from my blog in it! (the chicken with goat cheese!)
So nice!
I truly enjoy your blog, it is full of amazing tips and ideas, thanks for sharing all these with us!


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