Valentines Lunch and Menu Plan

So, if the goal, is half fruits and vegetables, why would we put sandwich in the big part of the lunch box?  Not today!  Veggies can be fun too.  Send a little dip with your raw vegetables, and they just might get eaten up!  This lunch box doesn’t even have a sandwich.  We decided on homemade pita crisps and cheese, much like la “Lunchable” would pack.  We used some heart cutters for the veggies and sandwich. A crinkle cutter for the cucumbers.  And we made our radishes into flowers.

valentines lunch ideasValentines lunch box

Doesn’t that just make you want to go eat lunch?

We hope you have a great Valentines week!  Keep checking back, we’ve got one more valentines idea for you tomorrow!  Also, check out our Valentines lasagna dinner, our pink porridge breakfast and treat idea!


Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner
Monday Cereal with Greek yogurt and bananas Wheat berry salad (from my favorite Food Storage Site!!) with whole wheat rolls Rice pudding with raisins Black Bean soup and homemade corn chips
Tuesday Beet Pancakes (Valentines Pink!) Pita crisps, cheese, and deli meat sandwiches with veggies and dipped strawberries Deviled eggs Lasagna Roll-Ups
Wednesday Pancakes (homemade pancake mix) with defrosted frozen berries Southwest Quinoa Rice Pilaf homemade applesauce with walnuts on the side homemade pizza with shredded chicken and broccoli
Thursday Scrambled eggs with whole wheat toast Leftover pizza. Add crusty roll and fruit Popcorn Chicken salad with pecans, cranberries, and creamy orange dressing
Friday Scrambled eggs and homemade bread Tuna sandwiches on homemade bread with celery and peanut butter Avocado mango salsa with won ton crisps White bean chili


Need more meal ideas?  Get meal plans, recipes nutrition data, images, and shopping lists on our meal planning site!

Today’s lunch was made in an Easy Lunch Box!

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Hi Kristina, just at the craft store. Either near where they sell clay, for very small cutters, or where they sell cake decorating supplies, generally made for cutting out fondant, so they have sharper edges.


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