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Top 5 Ways to Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day

There are lots of ways to focus on your own health and also the health of the environment by going green this week! Here are our top 5 Super Healthy Ideas for Going Green this St. Patrick’s Day:

Healthy green vegetables
  • 1) Use your Feet! For places that are within reasonable walking distance, put on some comfortable shoes and walk or bike.
  • 2) Drink Smarter.  Instead of disposable water bottles, try using a reusable bottle.
  • 3) Grow a Garden.  This ensures that you get healthy and natural fruits and vegetables, and gives back to the environment in the process.
  • 4) Use recycled cloth or canvas bags when you go to the grocery store  A good way to make a trip to the store fun for the kids too because they can bring their own bag!
  • 5) Eat Green Everyday! Green veggies are incredibly easy on the environment!   Buy green food, and eat them daily! Here are a compilation of some of our favorite green foods:

Top 5 Ways to Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day

Sautéed Kale

sauted kale

Edamame Hummus


Shamrock Dippers

Shamrock Dippers with Pot of Gold copy

St. Patty’s Snow Peas

pea salad in a pepper


Sweet and Sour Grape Smoothie

grape smoothie

Leap Froggies


Cheesy Spinach Bites

Cheesy Spinach Bites 1

Coconut Lime Smoothie

coconut lime smoothie2

Green Apple Juice

green goblin apple juice2

Avocado Salad

avocado salad recipe logoUltimate Green Ice Cream

6 Super Healthy Green Ice Creams for Kids

Top 5 Ways to Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day



These recipes are looking really healthy, tastly and most of all the way you have presented them in a really nice manner.


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