Thanksgiving Turkey Peppers and Hummus

Do I post peppers and hummus too often?  The more we eat it, the more we get addicted to it!  We almost always have them in the fridge for a quick snack these days.

So, this week, or anytime you are celebrating turkey’s, make some turkey peppers!  All we did was fill the cavity of a turkey with hummus and arrange slices of pepper inside the hummus so we had these:

But don’t you just hate it when you see something cute, but not really sure what steps to take?  Well, we are getting so much better at taking pictures of the steps! So, here you go!

Step 1) We started with beautiful, ripe, vibrant peppers

Step 2) We cut off the stem, and cut a little “head” out of one of the peppers.

Step 3) We sliced a carrot for the beak

Step 4: We got our little Wilton candied Eyeballs (I’ve literally had one bag that has lasted over a year!  The bag was only a couple of bucks by the cake supplies in crafts)

Step 5) Sliced the peppers into strips

Step 6) Secured beak with a toothpick, glued eyes on with hummus.  Filled pepper with hummus and pepper feathers.

And that’s it!! Looks easy and tasty right?  Our hummus recipe that we use 100% of the time is here.

We want to connect with you!!  We would love for you to leave us comments!  Especially if you try something. We’re always looking for “real kid approval”, so let us know if your kids went for it or not!


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