November 8, 2010 | Home >In the News >Sunshine Eggs
Sunshine Eggs
November 8, 2010 | Home >In the News >Sunshine Eggs

Sunshine Eggs

one eyed monster eggsDo you remember me saying the other day I bought some new stackable cookie cutters?  We are having so much fun with them!  Today we used them for One eyed monsters!  A reader, Tina, made a comment last time we made them and said her family called them Sunshine Eggs, because it looks like the sun in the morning! I love that name now!


Now that winter is upon us, eggs are a great way to get some vitamin D, which is normally obtained through sunshine.  There are several foods fortified with Vitamin D, but only eggs and fatty fish have vitamin D occurring naturally.  We need Vitamin D to absorb calcium, but more research is coming out showing the benefits of Vitamin D to protect us from many chronic eyed monster #2_edited-1

Preparation Tips for One Eyed Monsters or Sunshine Eggs

  • With a slice of whole wheat bread, cut a circle or other shape out of the middle.
  • I was taught to butter both sides of the bread and put it on a hot griddle.  However, I stopped doing that years ago.  Just spray the pan with some cooking spray so your egg doesn’t stick, and it cooks just fine.
  • Grill one side of the bread to slightly toast it, and flip to the other side.
  • Crack and egg into the center of the bread slowly to keep the egg within the borders of your hole.
  • Only cook one side.  The eggs pictured were only cooked on one side.  Nate likes his eggs runny anyway, so I just waited until all the whites had been cooked through and it was finished.  Erica and TJ like a hard yolk, so I cooked both sides. (the pictures just weren’t as pretty).
  • After the egg whites are no longer runny, slide the Sunshine Egg onto a plate.  Use the center piece of bread to dip in the yolk.

My kids love these, but Omelets are probably they’re favorite way to eat eggs currently (it changes once in a while).  How do your kids like their eggs?

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We love sunshine eggs or “toad in the hole” over here too. Also fun to have those cut out shapes to play with and munch!

Matt Cumming says:

i love sunshine eggs. i feel hungry with that pictures. 🙂

Tara says:

Sunshine eggs sounds much nicer than what my husband calls them “toad in hole.” Either way – we like them a lot at our house, too!

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Mary says:

What is you feeling on taking vitamin D suppliments?

Amy says:

I actually think they are a great way to get vitamin D! We have a HUGE bottle at our house. Dr. Fuhrman (my favorite doctor) has an article in favor of Vit. D supplementation here

I love your blog! You do a fantastic job with your posts.

Healthy Kids says:

Yes, they look fabulous — my little healthy kids will love those 🙂

Liz says:

Kaitlyn usually eats a scrambled egg every morning but I should try making this for her to mix it up a bit. I bet she’d love it.

susan says:

Glad you found an alternative to buttering the bread. That was our only choice back in the days before PAM spray.

Kendra says:

I love how many names there are for them 🙂 WE call the Movie Star Eggs, that’s what my grandparents called them.

To tell you the truth, I am bad with butter and love buttering both sides, but I will try this way next time!

They look beautiful. (I’ve heard them called “Birds in a Nest” — maybe that is something different).

My kids are very picky about their eggs: scrambled first then cooked flat, no runny “wet” parts. Sheesh. My oldest son now likes them scrambled lumpy style. When my daughter was little, she used to fuss if there were any white parts showing — she got over that.

My husband is the only one who can tolerate runny eggs (including me). I would like to serve this for him sometime.

Jenni says:

We love these!! We call them egg-a-holes!!
My Nate likes them runny as well. But mostly they like them scrambled with ham and cheese

Here is another version: A Pancake with an egg in the middle. Voila! Flying Saucers!

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Lori says:

We love to do this with cinnamon raisin bread. The smell and flavor combo are delightful!

I like it when people get together and share opinions. Great
blog, stick with it!

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