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Member Reviews:

From Alex: 

The thing I like most about your meal plan is every ingredient is something I have actually heard of and use. I like that these are things I would normally buy for my family! I have liked all the recipes i have tried so far, and with picky eaters in my family that is saying a lot!

From Shelley:

I sat in amazement last night as my 3 year old ate 2.5 Quinoa cakes!! And better yet my husband ate them as well!! Your meal plan is fantastic and has re-energized me in the kitchen. My kids love it too and who knew eating healthy could be so YUMMY!! Our favorites to date are the veggie nachos and the braised chicken. Keep up the great work!!

From Katie:

I lack the ability to organize and control my life.  Which is why I LOVE YOUR SITE.  Where have you been all my life?  This is PERFECT.  My meals are planned, there is a grocery list so I have everything on hand, I know I am eating healthy and I have healthy snacks.  I freaking love it.  One less thing I have to worry about. ....well, now I just need to hire a cook and a grocery shopper....and a nanny and a house cleaner.  I basically need house staff.  

From Elizabeth N:

Hi Amy and Natalie! I just had to let you two know how much we LOVE your meal plans and recipes!! We are only on day two but my family is loving the food and I'm loving how easy the meals and snacks are to prepare! I have a 4 year old son and a 3 year old daughter. I just made the switch from working outside of the home Mom to stay at home Mom which I a super excited about! With that switch I wanted to start feeding my children and husband more nutritious meals but I had no idea where to start. Your meal plans and shopping lists make it super easy! I'm excited about the change you've help us make! Thanks so much and keep up the good work!!

From Erin D:

Hi Amy & Natalie - I've been doing your meal plan subscription for three months now and I just wanted to let you know its AMAZING!!!!! Not to be dramatic, but following your plans has been a completely awesome makeover of my previously deflated chef hat. Now I love cooking and I absolutely love that I'm doing way better feeding my little guy (and my husband, of course). I adore that I can meet my $100/week food budget and that I know that pretty much all the recipes will be easy and delicious. I adore that I have a much wider variety of food in my house now, so I am constantly finding new foods for my boy. I adore that there are very few fancy/expensive ingredients in the recipes. Anyways, I'm sure you're busy, so no need to respond. I've just been meaning to drop you a line of encouragement and complete appreciation! I sing your praises to everyone I know! 

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Healthy Menu Plans for Kids!

Get your kids to eat fruits and veggies at every meal with our meal plans! These are the same meal plans we use for our kids. Written by licensed dietitians and tested by kids themselves, these meal plans will:

  • Help your children maintain a healthy weight with 4 scheduled meals per day.
  • Help kids have improved immunity with vitamin rich fruits and veggies.
  • Improve brain function with brain boosting omega fats.
  • Re-train kids preference for overly sweet or salty foods.
  • Help kids sleep better from less sugar!
  • Help prevent common childhood illnesses such as coughs, colds, and eczema!

Filled with fruits and vegetables, our meal plans (which includes BREAKFAST, LUNCH, SNACKS, AND DINNER) will get your family on track to a healthier lifestyle.  You can get started today by signing up for instant access to 4 weeks of our meal plans and recipes that will have your family eating healthy by tonight!  You'll instantly get 112 new healthy recipes to use! It's like getting a new cookbook every month! 

Designed to give your kids the vital nutrients they need!

Each meal plan:

  • Includes fruits and vegetables. The fruits and vegetables in our plan are seasonal, colorful, and help children develop the taste for a variety of flavors and textures, leading to less picky eating!
  • Contains a variety of proteins from beans, dairy, nuts, and seeds, to chicken,
     beef, fish and eggs.
  • Provides 1 meal per week of fish! For families not used to this, once a week is a great place to start this healthy habit.
  • Contains whole grains. This is a choice you will make at the grocery store, but the meals are intended to be whole grains! Choose brown rice and whole wheat!
  • Provides 4 meals per day! These meals are filling because they are full of fiber and nutrients.
  • Helps you limit or often eliminate processed foods by offering recipes for each meal!

Instant Access!


The Health Benefits

The recipes we choose for our meal plans are designed with picky eaters in mind, and follow the dietary guidelines for meals packed with fruits and vegetables. We use these meal plans in our family, take the pictures, and then post them for you! Check our Sample Fall Meal Planfor a TASTE of what you'll get!

The Membership Basics

These meal plans are like having your own personal dietitian! We provide you with the nutrition data, the shopping list, full color images of the meals, and printables of everything!  These take the free meal plans offered on our site and give you all the tools to make them happen in your homes!

Email Support for Success!

Don't worry about also signing up for our weekly email, you get that with your membership, forever! We have the updates for you so you won't forget to get online for your new plan.  Our healthy tips also help to help keep your family on the healthy track even those days you aren't able to make your meals!



We have an awesome meal planner to get and stay organized!  With all you need in this E-book (meal planning 101 and the printable pages for a binder), you'll be organized and feeling great!


We have meal ideas, recipes, nutrition data, pictures, shopping list, holiday ideas, and new meal plans posted every week! Most meal plans only offer ideas for dinner, but our growing kids need healthy ideas for every meal. Using a meal plan designed by us will help you to have more time, feel less stressed, and contribute to healthier, and happier kids!

What we've got for you:

We have the ultimate solution! Join our meal planning site, and we will do the leg work. Our meal plans are:

  • Perfect for Kids! All the healthy meals are family friendly, with ingredients that is probably already in your cupboards! Nothing
  • Organized and Easy To Navigate! No clicking around on a million pages, making your own shopping lists, or even navigating around to find your recipes. These plans are straightforward with everything you need to be successful at your fingertips!
  • Scannable! With images of every single meal in the meal plan, It’s easy to see what your family can eat that week, without digging through text.
  • HEALTHY! The greatest feature of our meal plans is every recipe has been analyzed for nutrition facts! If you need to track calories, carbs, protein, fiber, or fats, you can!
  • Customizeable! You don’t need to follow the entire plan every week! Just follow our ideas for dinner only or breakfast only! Changing one meal is a great start to healthier eating!
  • Fresh and current! Because we write the meal plans in real time and follow it for our own families, the meals are seasonal. We include fruits and vegetables of the season, as well as HOLIDAY IDEAS!!

Our meal plans are written by us, nutrition experts and moms! Each meal on the meal plan is then shopped for, prepared, and fed to our own kids, before we post them for you. That way, we can make sure they are acceptable to the toughest crowd! We take pictures of the meals, and organize it for you to use with your own family! A new meal plan is posted each week and so you always be able to see 30 days of meals, no matter what!

We’ve Been There!

We know what it’s like to stare at the cupboard at 5pm and wonder what you’ll fix for dinner! We’ve spent time and money on meal plans, only to have our children reject the food! We’ve also had a house full of kids in the afternoon declaring how hungry they are and wondering what they can snack on!

Bonus features: Act now and we’ll throw in a printable meal planner for organizing all the plans, recipes, and shopping lists you choose to print! 

Success Tips!

We want you to be fully equipped to use the recipes and meal plans. We send out a weekly email to help you look ahead and know what meals can be prepared ahead of time! These emails will give you tips and ideas for your success in getting a healthy meal on the table in a snap.

Inside the program:

Step one: Prepare

  • Print or scan the weekly meal plan
  • Decide which meals you will make. All of them? Just dinner? Just snacks? Up to you!
  • Use our weekly tips to circle the meals you can make ahead when you have time!
  • Put the planner on your fridge so everyone in the family knows what they can expect.

Step two: Shop

  • Print the shopping list, or bookmark it on your phone for opening at the store.
  • Cross out anything you already have in your cupboard
  • Buy extra food for recipes you plan to make extras of..

Step three: Cook

  • Print only the recipes you want to make, or print the all-in one document to make them all!
  • Check out our weekly tips under the success tab to know which meals you can make ahead!
  • Make the meals for your family!


Picky Eaters?

Sometimes kids are stubborn! Sometimes they won’t eat what you’ve planned, paid for, and prepared! Don’t worry! These recipes have been tested on some of the pickiest eaters! We have them too. We know how hard it is to try to get your kids to eat new food. That’s OK! Eating healthy is a lifestyle. The more often you offer your kids healthy meals, the more familiar they become.

Following the Plan Success

Have you signed up for meal plans before, only to abandon the plan and not follow through? We have all the tools you need here to succeed! We offer tips, easy to follow recipes, and simple plans that make success possible!

Start Today!

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These meal plans are healthy, fresh and fabulous! They are planned by Registered Dietitian, Natalie. then made and photographed by nutritionist, Amy. The food is seasonal and fun! We even have ideas for holidays when they come around!

*ACT NOW AND WE'LL THROW IN OUR BONUS PRINTABLES!  Your Printable Organization Binder and Meal Planning 101 Guide!

  • Our best advice for Sticking with a plan, dealing with picky eaters, essential cooking tools and more!

  • Recommended daily intake for kids printable

  • Fruits and Veggies Tracker

  • Free Meal Planning Binder for print!

You can collect any meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists you wish to keep! 

Special Diets?

Gluten free family? Check out our gluten free plan instead!

What are you waiting for? See you on the other side!


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