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Summer Fridge Snacks

Sometimes snacks seem like a necessary evil.  During the summer when kids are playing all day long, they really do need something to replenish their energy, but as a parent it is sometimes a pain to always answer to the call of 'Mom, I need a snack!'.  Since I have a babe on the way, I have really been trying to get my girls to be more independent.  I have moved their dishes to a low drawer they can reach, made a snack box for our pantry, showed them how to fill up their own drinks, etc.  I'm always looking for ways to make things easier so that they can help themselves with their needs.   With snacks, I really want the convenience of being able to let them just grab and go, while at the same time having healthy choices available.  With just a little prep you can have the best of both worlds!

I put together a box of snacks that go in the fridge that include a variety of healthy options.  Here is a list of things that are seasonal that could go in your box:

This is what we put in our snack box:

Place your box on a shelf that your kids can get to and then next time they ask for a snack - just direct them to your box filled with delicious and convenient snacks!  

Sometimes when we have something that is a lot bigger - a melon - I will just cut it up and put it in a clear tupperware so that my kids can see what is in it.  If they are hungry I get it out and give them a fork and let them just eat it out of the container.  

Healthy summer snacking just requires a few minutes of preparation, and placing your healthy foods where it is convenient for everyone!  


Food-safe Storage Containers 

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07/08/2013 10:37am
I can't even count the number of times my son would come home from playing with his friends or come home from school and the first words out of his mouth were always 'I'm hungry.' With all the other things I was working on sometimes it was difficult to go cut up some fruit or get him some veggies. This is a great idea though because I can make up the snack bags and cut up veggies when I have the time and they're ready whenever he wants them. Plus I can be sure he's eating something healthy and getting the right amount.
09/14/2013 1:10pm
Thanks for the great ideas!

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