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Portable Pancake Pockets

As a magazine junkie, I subscribe to Cooking Light.  In one of the summer issues this year, I came across what they called, "Inside Out Pancakes!"   Although, their filling inside the pancake was basically a clump of brown sugar, I knew I wanted to try them with fruit.  So, in keeping with our Fourth of July theme this week, we decided to use strawberries and blueberries to fill some pocket pancakes.  You can follow all our ideas for a healthy Fourth of July using the hashtag #healthyfourth on our Facebook, pinterest, or instagram pages.

inside out pancakes from super healthy kids.jpg

Why portable pancakes?  Many of you get up early on the Fourth of July to catch some local parades!  You can make these pancake the night before, keep them in the fridge, and carry them with you to eat while you are waiting for the parade.  They are also perfect for road trips! With your berry filling, there is no need to use sweetened syrup.  And because they can be eaten without a fork or plate, they are perfect for on the road or on the go.

portable pancakes in lunch box.jpg

The first thing we did was watch this video for help:

While it seemed simple enough, it actually took me several failed attempts and playing with the consistency of our batter to get it just right.  Once we got it down though, my 13 year old Erica actually made them all.  She got very good at it! And then she promptly ate them all! We're big fans of pancakes and fruit at our house.

The Steps:

  1. We first mixed up our batter. We used our standard pancake mix recipe.  This pancake mix stays in our pantry at all times.  It beats purchasing pancake mix from the store and we always have some.
  2. Then, we chopped up some strawberries and blueberries very finely. I actually used a food processor and pulsed rather quickly to cut them up, without pulverizing it.
  3. Then, we poured 1 tablespoon of pancake mix onto a heated and well greased skillet.  You can then spread the mix out a bit to thin it out, so your pancakes aren't too puffy at the end.
  4. Then, we scooped a spoonful of berries to the center, and spread them out as best we could.
  5. Then (this is the hardest part), drizzle the batter over the berries.  No need to pile another clump of batter on, simple drizzle to cover them up!  (watch the video for the demonstration here).  
  6. Then, flip the pancake to cook the other side!


steps for portable pancakes from super healthy kids.jpg

Mmmmmm... wouldn't you want these while you are waiting for a parade to start!  So fresh and delicious!

stack of pocket pancakes.jpg

pancake pockets with berries.jpg

pancake pocket.jpg

We'd love to see you get creative with other fillings!  We of course love berries for this, as berries are  super healthy food to include in your kids diets.  Both strawberries and blueberries are high in antioxidants and phytochemicals that protect those little bodies from damage, stress, and inflammation.   I tried it with some cottage cheese, since we enjoy cottage cheese on TOP of our pancake, but it was a bit difficult to work with, and kind of runny.  What fillings will you try?

For the homemade pancake mix, go here:

Used in this post:

Electric Skillet



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06/30/2014 7:40am
Cooked apple would be amazing inside of pancakes or, peaches, mango, cherries, raspberries would also be really yummy. I'll be making these for our road trip here in a couple weeks.
06/30/2014 7:51am
That looks amazing! I will try them today... can you freeze them?
06/30/2014 8:44am
We just made them for the first time this weekend Cynthia- so I haven't tried freezing them. Let us know if you do though!
06/30/2014 8:09am
Ricotta with fruit (peaches, blueberries, etc).
07/12/2014 5:06pm
Omg, yes! BRILLIANT idea! I am soooo getting some ricotta next grocery trip. Thanks! Would have never thought of that
06/30/2014 8:24am
Bananas and pecans!
06/30/2014 12:57pm
With chocolate chips!
06/30/2014 2:27pm
Jen G.
06/30/2014 6:25pm
I recently put a bunch of frozen strawberries through the blender to use in my yogurt. If I let them thaw out, they should be the perfect texture and size for this! Thanks!
07/01/2014 1:04pm
perfect Jen!
Margaret A. Rutherford
07/01/2014 8:30am
Question: Just 1 tablespoon batter or 3 teaspoons? Seems like that would be difficult to spread into a large enough area for the fruit. Please let me know if it is a true tablespoon or if that spoon in the picture is a larger mixing type spoon. Thanks. :)
07/01/2014 12:44pm
Hi Margaret- That white spoon is a measuring spoon equal to one tablespoon. So, yes, that is all we used for the bottom, and then one tablespoon for the top. The batter spread out enough to be the size of the pancakes you see above.
07/01/2014 12:56pm
Thanks, I plan to make these. I make a pancake mix using oatmeal flour made by putting old fashioned oatmeal into a blender. Hope it will work with the fruit in the center. Great idea! I plan to freeze mine and then thaw and toast them.
megan n
07/02/2014 11:15am
These look so yummy. Were going on a long camping weekend for the 4th. I will be making these to take with us for an easy breakfast. I think I'll be filling them with strawberries and maybe peaches or bananas and chocolate chips. Thanks so much for the idea!
07/04/2014 5:59am
I wonder how a dab of cream cheese inside along with the fruit would work out? They look so yummy!
07/07/2014 1:07pm
Mmm.. Lori- that sounds delicious. I tried cottage cheese and I think it was too runny, but cream cheese might be perfect!
Sharon Burgett
07/12/2014 7:52am
What is the white stuff in the container?
07/12/2014 12:00pm
It was yogurt. We used it for dipping.
07/13/2014 12:33pm
They also have strawberry cream cheese which would be perfect
07/13/2014 1:27pm
Have you tried freezing and reheating these? Always on the go and looking for healthy, tasty, breakfast ideas for my kiddo. There isn't any space for a microwave in our tiny kitchen. Reheating is done in the toaster oven. Thank you!
07/15/2014 3:13pm
I haven't tried it @Jenna- I would think, as long as you just have fruit in there, it would freeze and reheat fine. If you added things like cream cheese or cottage cheese, maybe not!
09/02/2014 5:58pm
Do these have to be kept refrigerated throughout the day? For example, if we go on a trip and I don't give them to my daughter right away, should I keep them in a cooler until consumption?
09/08/2014 2:21pm
yes Sara- I'd refrigerate this. The fruit inside would grow bacteria if left out.

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