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Polka Dot Peas and Ribbons

OK Mom’s and Dad’s! If the kids are going to eat their vegetables, we have to make them taste good!  Is the only way you’ve offered cooked carrots is chopped and sautéed?  I have actually never enjoyed my carrots that way.  If you are a “texture” person, like Erica (my 9 year old), cooked carrots are often too mushy, because of their size.  These carrots are cooked, yet have no mushiness about them!

carrots and peas The easy part of this dish, Polka Dot Peas and Ribbons, is the children can peel the carrots.  They are way easier to peel than potatoes!

So first, some frozen peas (thawed), and as many carrots as you want to peel.

DSC_0811 Stir the carrots around with 1 TBL of butter till softened (about 5 minutes).  Then add the peas and keep cooking until the peas are heated through.

DSC_0817 And serve up with a little salt and pepper.  My kids actually ate this without forks.

DSC_0825 So, go ahead and try it! You know you have all the ingredients on hand!


My daughter will love, love, love this. She’s the kid that picks all of the carrots out of her soup before eating the rest. My son and husband…hmmm…they’re much bigger fans of raw carrots than cooked ones. Still, it’s a minor victory around here if just one kids likes something! Can’t wait to try it!


What a clever idea. My 11-year old doesn’t love carrots, but I think he’d really enjoy them this way. BTW, thanks for entering our waffle maker giveaway (you were the first person to enter!) and thanks for sharing your whole wheat waffle recipe (we linked to it in today’s post). We picked the winner randomly today, and a mom from VA won. This Wed., we’re offering the Rancho La Puerta cookbook as giveaway, so come visit us again!


I love the title of this dish!! I love polka-dots and ribbons so this is something I want to eat just based on the title! I’m not a fan of peas, but think I would eat them because they’re called something fun and not just peas and carrots! Goes to show, doesn’t it?! 🙂


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