Homemade Corn Chips


Corn chips don’t have to be deep fried, and homemade ones don’t have to take very long either.  Erica enjoyed helping me make these, and they turned out terrific!

We followed the directions on the bag of corn flour (not to be confused by corn meal, which is what I thought I needed to make corn tortilla’s!)

  • 1 cup Corn flour (Instant corn Masa flour)
  • 2/3 cup water
  • 1/8 tsp. salt

We mixed it together, and formed small balls to be pressed into our tortilla press.  We then peeled the dough disc off of the wax paper and cut into shapes.  Then placed the shaped corn flour dough onto a cookie sheet. Sprayed the chips heavily with cooking spray, and salted.  We baked at 350°, with the oven rack on the top rack, for 20 minutes.  We didn’t flip the chips during cooking.

DSC_0412 DSC_0414DSC_0451DSC_0459

Of course, there are ton’s of delicious and healthy dips besides salsa you could use with homemade tortilla chips.  We love an avocado bean dip, and hummus the best!

What do you like dipping corn chips in?

We had a great snow storm last night, and my husband and kids made this snow fort out back!  They got quite a workout, and were so excited about the results!


By Natalie Monson
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Thank you for sharing. Have been looking for a fat-free corn chip. Knew someone had to have come up with one. We will taste test these for future events in our home.
Blessings, John & Pat


For those of us without a tortilla press, should we just use a rolling pin? How thick?


Yes, a rolling pin is fine. It’s up to you how thin they are, but I think the thinner the better- more like store bought corn chips.


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