No more boring green salads

Find new foods your kids will eat

Shop for what's in season

See your grocery cart filled with healthy food

Watch your kids enjoy healthy food

Member Reviews:

From Alex: 

The thing I like most about your meal plan is every ingredient is something I have actually heard of and use. I like that these are things I would normally buy for my family! I have liked all the recipes i have tried so far, and with picky eaters in my family that is saying a lot!

From Shelley:

I sat in amazement last night as my 3 year old ate 2.5 Quinoa cakes!! And better yet my husband ate them as well!! Your meal plan is fantastic and has re-energized me in the kitchen. My kids love it too and who knew eating healthy could be so YUMMY!! Our favorites to date are the veggie nachos and the braised chicken. Keep up the great work!!

From Katie:

I lack the ability to organize and control my life.  Which is why I LOVE YOUR SITE.  Where have you been all my life?  This is PERFECT.  My meals are planned, there is a grocery list so I have everything on hand, I know I am eating healthy and I have healthy snacks.  I freaking love it.  One less thing I have to worry about. ....well, now I just need to hire a cook and a grocery shopper....and a nanny and a house cleaner.  I basically need house staff.  

From Elizabeth N:

Hi Amy and Natalie! I just had to let you two know how much we LOVE your meal plans and recipes!! We are only on day two but my family is loving the food and I'm loving how easy the meals and snacks are to prepare! I have a 4 year old son and a 3 year old daughter. I just made the switch from working outside of the home Mom to stay at home Mom which I a super excited about! With that switch I wanted to start feeding my children and husband more nutritious meals but I had no idea where to start. Your meal plans and shopping lists make it super easy! I'm excited about the change you've help us make! Thanks so much and keep up the good work!!

From Erin D:

Hi Amy & Natalie - I've been doing your meal plan subscription for three months now and I just wanted to let you know its AMAZING!!!!! Not to be dramatic, but following your plans has been a completely awesome makeover of my previously deflated chef hat. Now I love cooking and I absolutely love that I'm doing way better feeding my little guy (and my husband, of course). I adore that I can meet my $100/week food budget and that I know that pretty much all the recipes will be easy and delicious. I adore that I have a much wider variety of food in my house now, so I am constantly finding new foods for my boy. I adore that there are very few fancy/expensive ingredients in the recipes. Anyways, I'm sure you're busy, so no need to respond. I've just been meaning to drop you a line of encouragement and complete appreciation! I sing your praises to everyone I know! 

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How to Use Your Meal Plans

Step 1) Log in!

You will know if you are logged in, if the buttons change from blue "Login" to Green "Account"


Step 2) Find the Meal Planning Center

After you are logged in, a new tab at the top will appear that says "Member". Hover over this and click on the "Meal Planning Center" to access 4 weeks worth of menu plans.


Step 3) Choose the current meal plan

You can access each meal plan from the side bar of any recipe page, or from the "Meal Plan Homepage".  Simply click on the image or the date, and it will bring you to the meal plans.


Step 4) Print, Shop and Cook!

Once a meal plan is selected, you can click on the Grocery List, the "all recipes" print out, each individual recipe print out, success tips, or a print friendly version of the meal plan itself.  We like to print out the full meal plan, and tape it to the fridge, so everyone knows what to expect at each meal.


  • Save your favorite meal plans and recipes forever!  Simply save the URL associated with each meal plan or recipe.  Book mark it in your browser, or pin it to a special pinterest board. You can find the meal plan or recipe any time as long as you are a member.
  • Print any of the meal plans and recipe print outs and store them in a Meal Planning Binder!  You can find a binder cover and dividing printables on our bonus printables page