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Kids Activity- Home Dried Basil

Although the basil plant I purchased in the produce section of my grocery store looked initially like it was going to die, We totally saved it!  I posted the dying picture on Facebook, and it was suggested multiple times to re-pot it. So, we did and it lived!  I think the original pot wasn’t big enough to hold all the water it needed to thrive!

So, with new pots, our three herbs in our window sill: Basil, Sage, and Cilantro grew like mad!  The kids love watering it every day, and best of all, they are learning how to actually use the herbs we are growing.

So, I gave Erica, my 12 year old, the job of trimming down the basil because it was getting to big for our window.  We love using it fresh (and could probably use the entire plant and just make some pesto, but we wanted to fill our spice jars also.  So, Erica took the kitchen shears and started cutting off leaves- Even though she’s 12, this is a fun activity for your little ones!!

Then, we took our stash of leaves, and borrowed Natalie’s Dehydrator.   They dried in only two hours!

Once dry, Erica and her friend crushed the dried leaves with the bottom of a cup.

Then, we poured the crushed-dried basil into our spice jar.

I love letting kids be a part of this process to connect them to where their food (and in this case -herbs) are coming from!

Best of all, we actually use our dried basil.. Our favorite recipe is the Parmesan Basil Fries!


We now have an entire category dedicated to drying things! Check it out here.


Ha ha.. Yes- When I asked natalie if I could borrow her dehydrator- I meant to bring it to my house, and she said- My dehydrator is not exactly portable!! LOL. It’s seriously amazing! (and big)


I was a week ago at the nursery, bought some mint, spinach and basil seeds, (and I totally forgot that this isn’t the spinach season…), thyme plant and a green tea plant! (so excited to make tea, although the plant needs to be at least 3 years old.. but I highly recommend to try it if you find it in your nursery).
My basil is finally sprouting!
I usually dry basil in an oven: (this method doesn’t require a dehydrator! 😛 )


Tough to find the flavor in a store bought basil. The best basil I have had the pleasure of tasting was grown in my backyard. Kelp4less helped me.


Let your Kid do it!
Two pieces of hot dogs
1 white onion
Salt to taste
1 Sweet green pepper
Two eggs
Olive oil
How to prepare:
Cut the onion into small pieces
Put a little oil in the pan, add the chopped onion
Add sliced green pepper as well as sliced hot dogs and salt
Beat the eggs and add to the mixture
Leave the mixture on fire until cooked
Bonn Appetite,

– See more at:

Helen Wickert

I just recently discovered your website, and I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE it!! That’s all :)

Krystle Edelson

This is great, thank you! If you don’t have a dehydrator what’s the next best method?


Oven works great @krystale. Just lay them flat on a cookie sheet, and set your oven to the lowest temperature (usually 170 F). After only 1-2 hours, it should be ready.


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