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Hiding Vegetables

Normally I am opposed to hiding vegetables.  I have always felt like kids should know and choose to eat vegetables so when they leave the nest, they will continue to eat them.  Well, I wanted to try some recipes from Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food or the Sneaky Chef because I can also put veggies “on the side” and they’ll get double the benefits.  I first tried this with pureed broccoli, coated chicken peices with it, than dipped it in breadcrumbs.  My kids were really nervous by the fact their chicken nuggets were green.   They each reluctantly ate one.  I thought they were quite tasty.  They probably would have fought me less on that one if I had used pureed cauliflower.  On a more inconspicuous side, I tried pureed butternut squash in pumpkin bread.  WOW, that was a big hit for everyone.  It was seriously scrumptious!!pureed strawberries


awsome, simply awsome I tried this and I found myself and my kids loved it. Great web site I have been looking for one like this for a while.


I like my kids to know what they are eating to. they always at least try it if I tell them it is healthy food, they are big on things like that, but of course it doesn’t mean they are going to llike it. I also like to throw in some spinish when ever I cook things with hambergar they cant see it and don’t know its there so it helps cut back on the fighting and they got some vegetables down.


Hey, I am just laughing at your husbands comments. . .I have never tried pureed. .. maybe sometime if I am feeling ambitious!


Hi there music. Are you asking what the previous commenter meant by adding in RS reader, or what I meant by adding butternut squash to pumpkin bread? Please comment again.


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